Best Waterproof Hot Tub Covers [Protect Your Hot Tub!]

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What are the best waterproof hot tub covers?

  1. ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Cover
  2. Porch Shield Waterproof Spa Cover
  3. Budge English Garden Cover
  4. Mr. Cover Hot Tub Cover
  5. Himal Heavy Duty Hot Tub Cover

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I found that these hot tub covers are the best for protecting your hot tub from the sun, water, dust, leaves, and debris. Thus, increasing the longevity of your hot tub.

The hot tub covers suggested in this article are meant to go over an existing hardcover lid. They help protect the entire hot tub from the elements in both summer and winter.

Check out our articles on using a hot tub in the summer and winter months for more information.

Do you need a hot tub cover? If so, it is essential to know the factors that will help you choose the best one.

There are many different things to consider when buying a hot tub cover. For example, how long do they last? What materials should be used in their construction? How much can they protect your hot tub from dirt and debris?

In this article, I will answer all of these questions and more!

What To Consider When Buying A Hot Cover?

Hot tub covers are a necessity for any hot tub owner. They provide many benefits that include: protecting your hot tub from dirt, debris, and other things like pets or kids; they also help keep the temperature of your water under control by inhibiting evaporation.

Hot tub covers provide insulation for the water inside your hot tub from cold air during the winter months.

They also provide protection from debris that may fall into the hot tub when it’s not in use; this helps maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination with old leaves and dirt.

There are several types available on the market today, so it’s important to know what type you need before making a decision. I will explore each type in detail below with recommendations based on some of their popular characteristics and how often they require maintenance which is generally needed every few years depending upon usage.


Hot tub cover material is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a hot tub cover because it will have an impact on how long your hot tub cover lasts, what maintenance is required, and how much you’ll pay.

The material quality of a hot tub cover will depend on the type of hot tub cover you have. Vinyl is one of the more common materials because it’s inexpensive and lightweight, but they are not as durable or long-lasting as other types like PVC, which can be a little more expensive.

Fiberglass covers may also be an option for those looking for something that lasts longer than vinyl. Although these do tend to cost significantly more money, make sure your budget will allow them before purchasing them!

Hot tub covers made from polyester are designed to protect that hardcover lid and the hot tub from the elements when the hot tub is not in use.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also affect the type of hot tub cover you purchase. For instance, if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, it may be best to buy hot tub covers with insulation because the heat loss will most likely keep your hot tub warmer for longer and make sure your cover lasts as long as possible.

A hot tub cover that protects the hot tub from rain and wind is also a great option to keep in mind, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather. Waterproof covers are also a good option for hot tubs in areas that receive a lot of rainfall.


Hot tub covers come in a variety of shapes, including circular, square, and rectangular. When shopping for a hot tub cover, it is essential to know the dimensions of your hot tub. In addition, if you have accessories on your hot tubs, such as a waterfall or audio speaker, take these into account when choosing measurements.

The dimensions of a hot tub cover will affect its weight. For example, a circular hot tub cover will weigh less than a square hot tub cover of the same size.

What Are The Best Waterproof Hot Tub Covers?

We’ll discuss the five best waterproof hot tub covers below:

ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover


The ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover will protect your hot tub from the elements. This cover comprises 600D polyester fabric and includes a heavy-duty, double-stitched hem for added strength and durability. In addition, the cover’s elastic straps ensure a snug fit. It is designed to fit hot tubs up to 90″ (L)x90″ (W). The actual cover size is 92″ (L)x92″ (W)x20″.

This cover is made of the finest quality materials to ensure that it will last you for years to come. With a waterproof backing, this cover can keep out rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves, and bird droppings so that you don’t have to worry about any of these things getting into your water while it’s not in use.

It has been designed to last years, not just months. Its unique materials are built to withstand weather conditions, including snow, hail, rain, and UV rays. One person can easily install the product in less than 5 minutes without using any tools or hardware. In addition, the ULTCOVER comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind when purchasing this product.

This cover is made of waterproof polyester fabric, lightweight and breathable yet durable enough to withstand the elements year after year. In addition, the cover has been designed with air vents at two sides to prevent wind lofting, and heavy-duty elastic cords allow adjustment for a tight fit, especially during high winds and severe weather.

Porch Shield Waterproof Spa Cover


Porch Shield outdoor SPA cover is made of 600D durable polyester fabric with an added water-resistant laminated undercoating. It’s designed to protect your hot tub from the elements and keep it looking new for years. In addition, the cover is equipped with a heavy-duty elastic hem cord that allows you to cinch the cover tightly around your spa or hot tub. This ensures maximum protection against harsh weather conditions while allowing proper ventilation for optimal heating and operation.

The Porch Shield is the most durable and best-looking spa cover on the market. It will last for years, and it has a 3-year warranty. It’s made of a solid, high-quality vinyl material that will resist fading, cracking, or peeling. The Porch Shield is UV resistant, so it won’t turn yellow in the sun as some other covers do. Independent laboratories have tested this hot tub cover to ensure its strength and durability.

Porch Shield outdoor SPA cover is made of high-quality polyester fabric. It is water-resistant and breathable. It has double stitching sewn all seams sealing taped to prevent tearing, fight the wind, and leaks. The cover’s shape can be easily folded for storage or travel.

It has air vents lined with mesh barriers to reduce inside condensation and wind lofting. The breathable but not permeable fabric keeps out dirt, dust, and debris while allowing water vapor to escape. Heavy-duty ribbon weaving handles make the cover remove easily.

The cover has multiple locking systems: Sliding clips make adjustments for a snug fit. A quick-release buckle at the bottom keeps the cover securely fastened, especially in severe weather.

Budge English Garden Cover


The Budge English Garden Patio Furniture Cover is an elegant and sophisticated addition to any patio. Featuring a rustic, woven tan pattern accentuated by dark grey piping, the cover will complement your hot tub nicely and provide protection from the elements all year long.

The 600 denier polyester fabric is strong enough to protect your spa from rain, snow, dust, pollen, and other outdoor elements that can damage it over time. Additionally, this cover features a double-stitched hem for added durability.

The polyester material provides UV protection as well as being waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew, and rotting. It also features double-stitched seams that are sewn for extra durability.

The Budge English Garden Cover is the perfect cover for your hot tub. Designed with a contoured shape and elegant design, this square hot tub cover measures 14″ H x 86″ W x 86″ L. This durable cover will protect your spa from the elements while adding style to your backyard or patio.

Mr. Cover Hot Tub Cover


Mr. Cover Waterproof Hot Tub Cover is a high-quality cover that fits most 84-86 inch square spa/hot tubs. This cover acts as an insulated cover, thermal cover, or replacement cover, up to 86”L x 86”W x 30”H. It is made of durable material and features strong stitching for long-lasting performance. In addition, the waterproof design will protect your hot tub from the elements and keep it cleaner longer.

This hot tub cover is the perfect way to keep your hot tub clean and protected. Made of 600D rip-resistant polyester with a 100% waterproof PVC coating, this durable cover will protect against water damage, snow, hail, dust, leaves, and bird droppings. The heavy-duty construction is designed to last for years while providing superior protection from the elements.

Mr. Cover Waterproof Hot Tub Cover is a hot tub cover that has two adjustable drawstrings at the bottom, which provide a customizable fit with exceptional security in the windiest conditions. The cover is 10 inches taller than others, which can protect your expensive hot tub cover in a larger area. Air vents at two sides stay open to prevent wind lofting and keep water from accumulating on top of the cover; this design ensures no water logging or pooling while keeping your spa properly covered and secure. It has a handle on two sides and is easy to install.

The cover comes with a 24-month limited warranty.

Himal Square Hot Tub Cover


Himal Square Hot Tub Cover is a premium quality hot tub cover that will protect your hot tub from the elements and keep it clean. Made of 600D polyester fabric with excellent PU coating, this product is a durable waterproof spa cover. It can effectively prevent water from leaking into the hot tub.

This Himal Cover is made of durable and elastic material that can withstand winter snow, summer rain, and other weather. The cover’s elastic rope makes the cover fit the outdoor hot tub more tightly. Premium adjustable slider buckles at both sides further ensure that the spa cover is not blown away even in high winds and severe weather. The square shape fits most hot tubs with covers up to 85″ (L) x 85″ (W) x 20″ (H).

This cover provides full-coverage protection for your hot tub. It has been designed with two large air vents that remain open to prevent condensation and allows moisture to escape.

In addition, the cover is made from a durable, water-resistant material that will protect your hot tub from the sun’s harmful UV rays, rain, hail, snow, and dust.

Hot Tub Cover Lifespan

A good quality hot tub cover should last between five and ten years with proper care, including keeping it clean and dry during periods in-between use, free from rips or tears that could lead to water leakage, and regularly inspected for signs of damage.

The lifespan of a hot tub cover is primarily dependant on the quality of the material.

Hot Tub Cover Insulation

For colder climates, the hot tub cover should be insulated to save on utility costs. Hot tub covers are made with different foam densities to protect the cover. The highest density and thicknesses provide the best insulation for heat resistance. Still, all hot tubs have an R-value to indicate how effectively they prevent heat from escaping. The higher the R-value, the more heat resistant the hot tub cover is. The range for R values of a hot tub cover is 12 to 30.

Insulating a hot tub is an important step in ensuring your hot tub stays warm during those colder nights. Check out our full article on the subject for more information.

What Can I Use To Cover My Hot Tub?

When buying a hot tub, you should also figure out what type of cover will keep it warm and dry. The two most popular types of covers are fabric or foam insulation.

Foam insulates better than the cloth covers but is more expensive. It’s best for colder climates because the thicknesses can provide extra protection from snow and ice build-up on your hot tub heater.

Fabric may be easier on your wallet but doesn’t have the same insulation properties that foam does, which means higher utility bills in warmer areas without much snowfall.

Sometimes putting a hot tub on a deck might be one of the best ways to protect your spa, check out our full article on the subject for more information.

How Long Should Hot Tub Covers Last?

Fabric hot tub covers can last anywhere from two to five years, while foam hot tub cover lifespans are generally between three and six years.

If you’re looking for a more durable option that will last longer than the average fabric or foam hot tub covers, then consider investing in an insulated vinyl one instead of either material. These tend to be made with higher quality materials and have been known to last as long as eight years on even the harshest climates, so they may not require replacing nearly as often.

How long a hot tub cover lasts will depend on various factors, including the quality and thickness of the material used in production. In addition to these two essential qualities that we’ve already discussed, hot tub covers can also be made from a one-piece or four-section piece that could alter the cover’s lifespan.

Check out our article on how long hot tubs last for more information.

How Much Do Hot Tub Covers Cost?

Foam hot tub covers cost between $200 and $500. Polyester waterproof hot tub covers cost between $40 and $80. The type of hot tub cover you buy will greatly depend on your hot tub use seasonality. For example, if you’re using your hot tub in the winter months, having a well-insulated foam cover is mandatory. However, the lighter polyester covers will be just fine in the spring, summer, and fall.

Foam Hot Tub Covers

Foam hot tub covers come in many different thicknesses, but generally, the higher quality hot tub covers are more expensive. Foam density also contributes to the price of a cover because foam with denser cells is less likely to compress. Hot tub covers are available in 3″ to 6″ thicknesses and most, if not all, taper. The taper in the cover allows rain and moisture to flow off like a roof. Because hot tubs spend so much time outdoors, they are built to resist different types of harsh climates. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, be sure you buy both the thickest size and density possible.

A thick hot tub cover can vary in price anywhere from $300.00-500.00 depending on the thickness, density, and other options available is a fair purchase price for this product. When purchasing a hot tub cover, make sure you only buy one that is made from high-quality environmentally-friendly foam. In addition, hot tub covers are made with UV and mildew-resistant elements to ensure the cover’s longevity.

A standard spa cover will have a foam thickness of 4 inches that tapers down to 2 inches on the edges. A Standard hot tub cover costs around $300 and is best for indoor or warm-weather applications. The tapering design allows rain, snow, and debris to run off efficiently from the top.

An extreme hot tub cover (Arctic Spas) thicker cover can be had for about $400.00. A 6″ thickness is the thickest foam found in the market today. This type of spa cover is excellent for retaining heat, protecting against extreme climates, and can withstand heavier snow amounts.

I recommend the SpaSheild spa foam cover from In the Swim for a proper two-piece foam cover.

foam spa cover

How Do I Stop Water From Getting On My Hot Tub Cover?

Water getting on top of a hot tub cover is often a result of heavy rain pressing down on the polyester material. A standard solution is to make a small hole in the cover, close to the side where water often pools. Most of the fabric covers come with vent holes that allow for proper water drainage. Not taking care of this problem could result in the cover ripping or losing its shape.

How Do You Measure For A Hot Tub Cover?

The best way to measure a hot tub cover is to measure the hot tub itself. You can use a measuring tape to measure your hot tub accurately and then add two inches from that length to determine how much coverage you need for an excellent fit.

When measuring for a new hot tub cover, take measurements from the hot tub itself rather than the old cover. Then, if the old cover still fits well, you can use it as a reference. But don’t forget to measure both the hot tub and the old cover twice. If the measurements between your hot tub and the cover differ, measure from the hot tub itself, then buy a new one that matches these dimensions.

When you provide length and width measurements in inches, take care to add one inch (1″) on each side of those dimensions- for a total of two inches (2″) added. When taking measurements, it is best to be a tiny bit over than under when determining the length of the cover. A minor difference in width or height will not make much of a difference, but if you are off by half an inch too short with length, it may cause problems for your hot tub during the summertime.

Check out this great guide on measuring for hot tub covers from The Cover Guy.

How Do You Install A Hot Tub Cover?

Installing a polyester hot tub cover is easy. Fit the cover over each corner and gently smooth out the cover for a nice fit. The polyester covers will last about three to five years if kept in good shape with an occasional cleaning. Foam covers require a cover lifter with metal brackets. Often the foam cover will come with instructions about how to install the lift. Heavy screws are often used to secure the lift in place on the side of the hot tub. Following the instructions carefully will ensure all the measurements line up.

How Do You Clean A Hot Tub Cover?

Cleaning a hot tub cover can be done with either soap and water or commercial cleaners. With foam covers, spray them down with the cleaner of your choice on each side for ten to fifteen minutes. A polyester cover is relatively easy to clean by hand washing it in soapy water then rinsing off the soap using a hose nozzle from outside of the hot tub. You may also use an outdoor shower head attached to one end of a garden hose inside the hot tub if you can do that safely without getting any chemicals into your spa.

Check out our article on how to fully clean a hot tub for more information.

Here are some more steps on how to clean a hot tub cover:

Step 1

Lay the cover out on a flat surface that allows you to clean it. If possible, lay it down near a hose.

Step 2

Gently spray the underside of the cover with a hose to rinse away any hot tub chemicals. Once dry, flip over and use the hose to wash away leaves, grass, or other debris. Use moderate pressure when cleaning to avoid damaging anything on or near the cover.

Step 3

Although the underside of your cover only needs a simple rinse with the hose, you’ll need to clean your top more thoroughly. Spray it with a vinyl cleaner recommended by the hot tub cover manufacturer or mild vinegar and water solution. Make sure not to use bleach, alcohol, or household detergents on your cover as they can deteriorate the UV protectant. Using a cloth or soft-bristled brush, apply gentle circular motions while scrubbing away dirt and grime.

Step 4

Once cleaning is completed, rinse the top of your cover well and wipe with a soft rag before drying.

Step 5

After the cover has dried, use a quality UV protection spray. The spray should be applied every three months and can prevent sun damage.

Best Waterproof Hot Tub Covers: Conclusion

waterproof hot tub covers

In conclusion, hot tub covers are a great investment to keep your hot tub looking good, working well, and lasting for years.

A hot cover is the best way to protect your spa from outside elements such as dirt, leaves, or bugs. This blog post will teach you how to consider when buying a hot cover that meets all of your needs, whether in color, size, or material type.

All hot covers should have UV protection, so make sure it’s on any list of features before purchasing one!

The most important consideration is the shape/size of the top; this can vary between round tops (the most common), square tops, and rectangle tops which may suit the requirement of your hot tub.

If you’re having problems with your hot tub overheating, check out our article on the subject for more information.

I hope you found this article on hot tub covers helpful.

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