Are Hot Tub Warranties Important? (Check This Out!)

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Why should I get a warranty for my hot tub?

Hot tubs have many different components, including heaters, pumps, filtration, and electrical. If one of these components breaks, having a good warranty will help in covering the cost. Most hot tub manufacturers will offer one-year parts and labor warranty. In addition, a 5-year parts and labor warranty could also be included if you buy your hot tub from a dealership.

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This article will introduce you to all of the ins and outs of hot tub warranties. One thing to keep in mind is that while the article is focused on hot tubs, the warranty information included can apply to any big-ticket items.

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Why Hot Tub Warranties are Important

Let’s face it; a new hot tub isn’t exactly cheap. However, a good warranty on your new hot tub can give you the confidence that if something goes wrong with it, that you won’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it repaired.

The various companies that sell hot tubs and other big-ticket items offer a wide variety of warranties. It is critical that you thoroughly read the fine print on all of the warranty information before you decide to buy a hot tub or another product from a particular company. 

As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” Unfortunately, the minor details that differ from one warranty can cost you big if you ever need a significant repair made.

Understanding a Hot Tub Warranty Before You Buy

With any major purchase like a hot tub, you should not just rush into it and buy impulsively. Instead, you need to read the warranty to see if there is any part that you do not clearly understand. Details such as terms and conditions, parts and labor, and other factors often play significant roles in warranties.

If you do not understand, then you need to ask questions until you do understand it completely. Any company that is serious about getting your business and is not trying to hide something will be more than happy to explain in detail everything that their warranty does or does not cover.

If you are shopping online for a hot tub and go to various websites, one thing will stand out. Many of the websites do not offer a link to the warranty information, and if they do, it is not easy to find, or you might have to click through several links to find it. 

If the company you consider buying your hot tub from hides their warranty information, you must question why they are doing this and how good their warranty is.

When you find hot tub companies that freely give their warranty information, which they all should, you need to start comparing the different warranties. 

For example, some companies will offer a warranty for a certain number of years, while others may offer a lifetime warranty on “certain parts” of the hot tub.

Most washing machine manufacturers carry one-year parts and labor warranty on their machines to put this in perspective. And, they offer a five-year warranty on the washing machine. So, for the first year, your machine will be repaired if anything breaks. 

If your washing machine breaks or rusts out within the first five years, then they will replace it for you. 

Most consumers do not understand that the appliance manufacturing companies specifically state that they will repair their machines, but they will NOT replace them. That applies to washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Hot Tub Warranty Comparison

A hot tub Lifetime Warranty on Parts is often very misleading. Many people fail to realize that the parts are often the smaller portion of the repair bill. Labor and travel are frequently the two costs that are the most expensive. This is especially true with hot tubs if your home is remote or within a suburb.

Depending on where you live, your hot tub repair person may have to travel a significant distance to service your hot tub. You will pay their going rate for mileage for the trip to your house to troubleshoot your hot tub and the distance back to their office. 

And then, a few weeks later, when the part has come in, you will pay again for the repair person to come to your house to repair your spa, and you will pay their mileage once again for their trip home. This is only the mileage to go to your house. The labor costs are still another factor.

I am a firm believer in the idea that a good Parts and Labor Warranty is far more valuable to me than a Lifetime Warranty on Parts.

Understanding Hot Tub Warranty Termanology

It would be best if you also discern between limited and unlimited warranties. Just as the names suggest, a limited warranty will only cover certain parts of the hot tub and may or may not cover the labor to repair.

Some limited warranties will require that you pay a deductible. A deductible is a way for the company to save money and not pay for the less expensive repairs. 

For example, if you have a $400 deductible, and the company knows that most repairs can be made for less than $400, then that company is hoping that they will never have to honor their warranty.

Many companies will offer a warranty that depreciates over time. 

This means that as the years go by, the amount of coverage offered by the warranty will decrease. This also is intended to save the company money. 

For example, if a hot tub typically does not malfunction for the first year of its life, it is easy to offer a full warranty for the first year. But, if there were a depreciating warranty in place, then about the time that you would need it, you would be forced to pay more to get your hot tub repaired.

The Role of Warranties In Buying a Hot Tub

Of course, if you buy a hot tub that has a good track record and is well built, then in most cases, you will not have to use the warranty for your spa.

Buying a hot tub is like any other major purchase, like buying a car or a house.

When you buy a car, you understand that you will have to spend money maintaining your investment, and occasionally, you will have to replace broken parts. 

It is just the nature of the beast. Therefore, the automobile manufacturers offer warranties to you to help protect you from buying a car that came off of the manufacturing line broken. 

If there are any unexpected repairs, the car’s warranty will usually cover them. But the warranty is only suitable for so many years or so many thousand miles of use.

You understand that when you buy a house, you also have costs of maintenance and repairs. You will have to fix things, and outside of the first year, there is no warranty coverage to protect your investment. All repairs will come out of your pocket or the pocket of your insurance company.

Buying a hot tub is the same way. You will have maintenance expenses and the occasional repair. The warranty was designed to protect your investment from manufacturer defects.

Each hot tub retailer, just like each automobile retailer, will have their version of a warranty that they put on the products they sell.

After the sale, companies who believe in their products and service will generally offer a better warranty than their competitors.

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Shop Around for a Good Warranty and Quality Hot Tub

Spend as much time comparing warranties as you do comparing hot tubs. The crazy thing is that some retailers will only offer the manufacturer warranty, while others will add their warranties to the back-end of the manufacturer warranty. So it is possible to find the same product in a dozen places with a dozen warranty options.

If the warranty is better at one store over another, the $50 that separates them in price may be worth every penny. I have already said, and I will repeat it. Suppose one company is offering a lifetime warranty on certain parts. The other company offers three-year parts and labor warranty for fifty dollars more than the purchase price. In that case, I will take the second option every time.

How Long Does The Average Hot Tub Last?

An average hard body hot tub will last between 5 and 10 years. However, if the spa is well maintained, it will last longer. Maintenance includes water treatment, protection from the elements, cleaning, refilling, and ensuring the spa is not neglected.

Is It Worth Repairing a Hot Tub?

If the hot tub is brand new and has many years of use still ahead of it, then the answer is yes. However, if the hot tub has been neglected for a long time and many of the components are not working correctly, or if there are significant leaks, the answer would be no.

Can I Trade In My Hot Tub for a New One?

In some situations, a hot tub dealership may take an older hot tub that’s still in good condition and resell it to someone looking for a cheaper option. However, this is not typical. Check with your local hot tub dealership to see if you can get a deal done.

Are Hot Tub Warranties Transferable?

A hot tub warranty is transferable if you’re selling your spa to someone else in most situations. However, it’s essential to contact the manufacturer and your local hot tub dealership for more information on this process.

Why Hot Tub Warranties are Important: Conclusion

hot tub warranties

Warranties were not designed to keep you from paying for maintenance and repairs over the long haul of your purchase. Instead, they were designed to keep you from buying a broken piece of equipment straight from the manufacturer. But if you can get additional protection with your purchase, then why not?

A good warranty will give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your new hot tub risk-free a lot longer than you might otherwise.

So, kick back, turn on the jets, and enjoy your new hot tub. You will not regret it.

I hope this article on hot tub warranties was helpful.

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