Top 5 Best Hot Tub Drink Holders [Sit Back and Relax]

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What are the 5 Best Hot Tub Drink Holders?

There are many great hot tub drink holders, here are five fantastic choices.

The 5 best hot tub drink holders:

  1. Intex PureSpa Cup Holder and Tray Accessory
  2. Life Tray Table
  3. Anti-Spill Hot Tub and Pool Drink Holder
  4. Feebria Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holder
  5. Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray

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1. Intex PureSpa Cup Holder and Tray Accessory


One of the most popular drink holders on the market is this Intex PureSpa Cup Holder.

Intex also has a larger version, the Tray Spa Accessory which holds 2 cups with a larger design.


The PureSpa cup holder and refreshment tray are designed to fit securely with Intex Inflatable Spas.

However, other inflatable and hard-sided spas can easily use this cup holder as it has been purchased by thousands of happy customers online.

The holder is designed to softly grip the inner and outer wall of the spa wall and is easily removable when it’s time to close up the hot tub.

The purpose is to keep beverages and snacks as close to you as possible while you relax.

The inexpensive cup holder includes 2 standard size beverage holders which securely hold a regular-sized bottle or cup and a snack tray.

This holder is convenient for smaller hot tubs that do not hold a lot of people. If it’s just you and a friend or family member then this cup holder is perfect for you.

The dimensions for this product are 10-1/4″ L x 8-5/8″ W x 7″ H and weighs 11.2 ounces.

2. Life Tray Table


This Life Tray Table is perfect for holding any lost items such as glasses, a book, phones, jewelry, snacks, and cups.

The tray table fits well for most hard-sided hot tubs and pools with its adjustable legs allowing for a secure fit.

The adjustable legs have protective stripes to protect the inner and outer walls of the spa or hot tub.

Drainage holes are also included to ensure water quickly drips away from the items placed on the table.

This tray table is lightweight and has dimensions of 18 x 10 x 3 inches with adjustments up to 8 inches.

3. Anti-Spill Hot Tub and Pool Drink Holder


The Anti-Spill pool Drink Holder is great for inflatable pools and hot tubs and will securely hold your drink while you’re having fun with friends or family or laying back and relaxing.

This drink holder isn’t recommended for hard-sided hot tubs with narrow sides, the other options listed would be better choices.

However, this drink holder is crafted with high-quality silicone material which allows for long-lasting use and won’t warp with changing weather or interaction with water.

This drink holder allows for easy reach of your drink so you can sit back and relax and makes for a great gift for anyone who enjoys their inflatable spa or pool.

The holder itself is one size fits all and will hold your cup, bottle, can be securely in place with a diameter of 4 inches. The stripe design also allows you to hold a pair of glasses or a phone in place securely.

The silicone body design wraps over the rounded pool or hot tub inner and outer walls which ensure stability and won’t get in the way of you enjoying your hot tub or pool.

The dimensions of this drink holder are 5.87 x 5.71 x 3.5 inches and weigh 15.4 ounces.

4. Feebria Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holder


The Feebria Hot Tub and Pool Drink Holder is another popular product for holding people’s drinks, phones, and snacks.

The unique feature of this holder is that it floats on the water and comes in different sizes. This makes it perfect for multiple different scenarios including hot tubs, pool parties, and the beach.

The floating design ensures it won’t easily flip over when holding heavy drinks or having multiple people grabbing for their snacks or cups.

In the middle of the floater is a place to hold your speaker, slots for your phone, and 2 drink holders.

Feebria also offers a 4 person drink holder and a larger 9 person drink holder for those fun pool parties!

This inflatable drink holder is made with great quality materials including 0.6mm thick antistatic material which is soft to touch and won’t damage your phone or speaker.

It’s also super easy to inflate and won’t take any time at all to get the party started out of the box.

For the 2 person, inflatable drink holder the dimensions are 18.9 x 18.9 inches.

5. Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray


Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray is a more unique product designed for hard-sided hot tubs with wood or hard plastic walls.

This tray table is a more permanent solution for people who want to be able to hold their books, glasses, drinks, phones, and other items in a more secure place.

After installing this tray table, it has the ability to pivot outward. This allows you to close the hot tub without the tray table in the way.

The table is made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic, and is equipped with a stainless steel upright post.

The dimensions of this tray table are 27 x 20 x 6 inches and weigh 4.95 pounds.

How Drink Holders Make Your Hot Tub or Pool More Enjoyable

A hot tub drink holder is a fantastic accessory to have for any hot tub to better enjoy your spa experience with friends and family.

Being able to lay back and know that your drink is properly secured while enjoying your hot tub is a great feeling.

Drink and cup holders for hot tubs come in different shapes and sizes and are meant to achieve different things.

Some of these different types of drink holders include inflatable drink holders, hard-sided trays, and drink holders with securing legs to fit any hot tub.

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Floating Drink Holders

Inflatable floating drink holders such as Feebria Hot Tub and Pool Drink Holder are great options for those who are having a pool or hot tub parties and require multiple drink holders.

They are also more convenient because you can simply push them around to different people if they want their drink.

These inflatable holders are also great for waterproof speakers and keeping your phone in a safe location.

How to Setup a Hot Tub Drink Holder

There really is no setup for a drink holder.

However, if you’re using a tray table such as the Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray, you want to make sure the product can be used with the manufacturer of your hot tub.

When you install the stainless-steel post, for example, knowing where and how to install it is very important.

You wouldn’t want to drill multiple holes into your hot tub without having a plan of action.

This is also true for hand railings, steps, and hot tub covers.

Check out our article on hot tub installation costs to see what is involved in setup costs.

Hot Tub Drink Holders for Inflatable Hot Tubs

The best drink holder for inflatable hot tubs is probably the Intex PureSpa Cup Holder.

Even though it’s specifically designed for Intex inflatable spas, the drink holder does a great job for any inflatable spa and most hard-sided hot tubs.

Simple, well-built and secures tightly in place.

Hot Tub Drink Holders: Conclusion

hot tub drink holder

Hot Tub drink holders are pretty great and allow you to have a better time with friends and family in your pool or hot tub.

In this article, we’ve discussed hard-sided tray tables, inflatable drink holders, and folding leg drink holders.

Each one has its pros and cons but in the end, your drink, phone, and snacks will thank you and so will your pool or hot tub.

I hope you found this article on hot tub drink holders helpful.

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