Hot Tub Aromatherapy [It’s Good For You, But Why?]

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Should I use hot tub aromatherapy?

Yes, hot tub aromatherapy is a natural therapy using oils and salt crystals to medically improve your health, mind, and spirit while enhancing your emotional health as you relax in your spa. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extract to promote well-being while adding a nice scent to your hot tub. There are many different aromatherapy scents to choose from, including lavender, lemon, and jasmine.

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For lavender, I recommend both the Epson salt and the liquid aromatherapy from inSPAration Spa and Bath.

I have prepared this article as a guide to hot tub aromatherapy. As such, I shall address everything you need to know while creating your next aromatherapy experience.

Let’s get started!

What is Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Let’s start by looking at what aromatherapy means. Hot tub aromatherapy describes therapeutic techniques for harnessing the benefits of specific scents for your body. Other than the fulfilling smells, aromatherapy is also known to provide us with remarkable health benefits.

I can acquire aromatherapy products online or from the local hot tub stores. It’s always good to ensure I buy the right product for our hot tub. Aromatherapy products do not have any side effects on the hot tub because they neither corrode nor leave oil residues. But they contain essential oils that help awaken our sense of smell while penetrating our hair follicles and skin to eliminate toxins from our body.

History of Aromatherapy

The term “aromatherapy” was first used by a French chemist named René-Maurice Gattefossé where he wrote a book on the subject that he published in 1937. His book mentions how aromatherapies such as lavender helped treat burns and other medical problems.

In the 10th century, the Persians discovered essential oil distillation. Later on, Europeans recognized essential oils as a means of healing and other benefits.

Today, I have an assortment of different aromatherapy options to enjoy, including everything from hot tub scents to candles and bathroom soaps.

Benefits of Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Hot tub aromatherapy is a perfect addition to your weekly health routine, especially after busy and stressful days.

You can use hot tub aromatherapy to help you relax, enjoy better sleep and reduce stresses. Specific scents offer unique benefits to your body. This is why hot tub owners choose fragrances based on their particular advantages and personal preferences.


The Best Types of Hot Tub Aromatherapy

In this section, I will compile the most enjoyable and popular scents with their benefits. This will help you choose your most preferred product with ease.

Tiger Balm or Peppermint

This product will give you a fragrance that offers the following benefits:

I recommend the Muscle Soak bath salts of Peppermint and Eucalyptus.


This is another fantastic product you can use to get fragrances that will provide you with the following benefits:

I recommend the Muscle Soak bath salts of Pine and Eucalyptus.


The scents from jasmine are known to offer the following benefits:

I recommend the inSPAration Spa and Bath Jasmine Aromatherapy.


Lemon smells are great for the following benefits:

I recommend the inSPAration Spa and Bath Lemon Aromatherapy.


You can use lavender in your hot tub for aromatherapy to get the following benefits:

For lavender, I recommend both the Epson salt and the liquid aromatherapy from inSPAration Spa and Bath.

Hawaiian Sunset

I recommend the Hawaiian Sunset Epson salt from inSPARation Spa and Bath.

From these benefits, you can select the product whose benefits meet your needs.

Different Types of Aromatherapy

Manufacturers design aromatherapies in varied forms and fragrances to efficiently interact with your spa water and provide the best possible benefits. Before you purchase the product, it’s good to consult with your local dealer for guidance on the form that will work best with your hot tub. Nevertheless, you will have an option of selecting among the crystal Epsom salt, liquid forms, and pillow pack products.

Crystal Epsom Salts

Crystal Epsom salts are among the best options you can choose to take your spa experience to another level. Crystal Epsom salts come with beautiful fragrances like warm French Vanilla and Lavender Palmarosa. The dead sea bath salt is another popular aromatherapy form of Crystal Epsom Salt.

When you use these products, you will get stress and anxiety relief. They can also help with relieving pain at the joints and the muscles.

Using Crystal Epsom salts for aromatherapy does not leave any oil residues in the hot tub. Also, it doesn’t affect the chemical balance in the water. Crystal Epsom salts are easy to use because you’ll only be required to add a few capsules every time you want to use your hot tub.


Liquid aromatherapies are an excellent option. Like any other form, they come in different scents and benefits. This means that you can choose from a variety to get the right product to meet your health needs and align with your tastes and preferences.

One of the reasons I recommend using the liquid form is its ease of use. Besides, these products are mess-free for your hot tub. When using, you should add the recommended amounts straight into the spa water.

Remember that hot tub water is always circulating. Most clients ask whether they need to stir the hot tub after mixing with the aromatherapy. I have found this unnecessary because the liquid aromatherapy will mix gradually with the water circulation.

You should note that most aromatherapies are designed to evaporate in 24 hours. This prevents them from leaving any damage that resides to the hot tub. From this characteristic, you cannot leave the product for long in the hot tub before you use the hot tub because it will start to evaporate gradually.

For ease of use, you may consider adding an infusion system. The aroma infusion is a recent technique developed to support infusing fragrances into the hot tub by injecting a button.

Pillow Packs

Pillow packs are another option you can use for aromatherapy in your hot tub. These forms come in varied smells and health benefits. The best thing about the pillow pack is that it comes with groups of products that feature different scents.

Pillow packs come in many different scents when you purchase a single package of the product. Unfortunately, it also means that you will be forced to buy some fragrances that may not interest you. However, you’ll be sure to get more than one soothing aroma that will make your spa experience incredible.

I recommend the InSPAration 152 Hot Tub Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Fragrance Assortment.

Steps to Add Aromatherapy to Your Hot Tub

Today, hot tubs are designed with innovative water systems that facilitate cleanliness and gentleness to the skin. Besides, they are more flexible and energy-efficient, increasing convenience for your lifestyle.

It’s always easy to add aromatherapy in the hot tub. If you’re trying aromatherapy in your hot tub for the first time, you need to know the step-by-step process of adding this product into your hot tub water as follows:

Step 1: Gather Everything You Need to The Hot Tub

When you decide to add aromatherapies into your hot tub, it’s best to use the hot tub right away. Since aromatherapies evaporate, you should add them only when you’re ready.

Part of the preparation is getting all the items you need for your hot tub session. Gather your towel, bathing suit, sandals, the right aromatherapy product, a bottle of water, and a good book.

Step 2: Adding Your Aromatherapy Product

When everything is set, you should add the hot tub fragrances. Give the product time to mix. After a couple of minutes, the spa water should be ready for you to enjoy.

Step 3: Using the Spa

Enter the hot tub slowly and turn the jets on. Allow your body to relax and adjust to the new environment slowly while the stresses fade away. When you start feeling relaxed and refreshed, start reading your book.

If you’re interested in buying a drink holder for your hot tub, check out our full article on the drink holders available.

Step 4: Take Some Time to Focus on The Environment

You can take some time to relate the scents of your hot tub fragrances to nature as you enjoy the beautiful landscaping in your backyard. Take time to think about what the aromas mean to you as they continue to work magic on your body.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy: FAQ’s

Here are some commonly asked questions about hot tub aromatherapy.

Can you put essential oils in a hot tub?

If the essential oil is not meant for hot tubs, then the answer is no. However, you can only use specially designed aromatherapy liquid products designed for spa water. These products are water-soluble and will not leave unwanted oily residues. The products are designed to mask unwanted chemical smells and add a sense of fragrance to your hot tub.

Will hot tub aromatherapy mask the chemical smell from a hot tub?

Yes, hot tub aromatherapy products are designed to mask the smell of chlorine, bromine, and other contaminants.

Will hot tub aromatherapy affect pH in a hot tub?

No, specially designed products for hot tub aromatherapy will not raise the pH in your spa.

Check out our full article on how to raise pH in a hot tub for more information on proper water chemistry.

Can I use Epsom salt in my hot tub?

Yes, Epsom salt is a great way to add fantastic aromatherapy fragrances to your spa water. 2-4 ounces of Epson salt should work for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy: Conclusion

hot tub aromatherapy

If you’re hoping to create the best hot tub experience, using aromatherapy is the way to go. Aromatherapy products are available in different forms like Epsom crystal salts, liquid, and pillow packs.

You can use aromatherapies to get additional benefits like relaxation, reduced stress levels, and enhanced sleep. You can get more unique benefits from the specific product you choose, as I have seen in this article.

I recommend adding hot tub aromatherapy only when you are ready to use your spa because leaving them in the hot tub for long will cause evaporation.

I hope you found this article on hot tub aromatherapy helpful.

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