Does a Hot Tub Need a Fence? (Yes, Here’s Why)

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Does A Hot Tub Need A Fence?

Yes, a hot tub needs a fence because this might be a requirement by your local authorities. You’ll also need to erect a fence around your hot tub to keep off children who might be tempted to play around your hot tub when you are away. Fencing is also recommended around your hot tub to break strong winds that might be disruptive when you enjoy the tranquility in your hot tub. A fence acts as an additional security measure against stray animals that could damage the equipment or spoil the water.

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Therefore, your decision to erect a fence around your hot tub doesn’t have to be guided by the local regulation alone but just as well be a personal initiative informed by the understanding of the importance of such a barrier.

If you just bought a hot tub for the first time, you might be having so many questions in your mind. Among the safety and security questions that could be ringing your mind is, “does a hot tub need a fence”?

Even those who have used hot tubs for some time tend to wonder whether a hot tub needs a fence.

But many factors determine whether or not you need a fence around your hot tub. A fence will cost you a few bucks but will help you accomplish many requirements in your hot tub area.

I understand that this is not just a matter of enclosing your hot tub because there are a lot more factors that come into play as far as this topic is concerned.

Luckily, I have researched this article comprehensively to address this matter without leaving any questions.

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Let’s get started!

Do You Need A Fence For An In-ground Hot Tub?

Yes, the risks associated with an in-ground hot tub are equal to those associated with the above the ground equipment. But the obvious exception would be an inflatable hot tub because it is temporarily placed on the compound and is portable.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission notes that hundreds of kids drown in the pools and hot tubs every year, especially those between the ages of 1 to 3 years, because they can’t swim.

From these findings, you can see that fencing around your in-ground hot tub should never be a question of if but an initiative you must take to safeguard against hot tub accidents that can lead to deaths.

Some states have recognized the risks associated with leaving the hot tubs open and making fencing compulsory.

Therefore, I advise that you need to have a fence for your in-ground hot tub whether or not regulations require you to do so.

Do Hot Tub Fence Laws Vary By Location?

Hot tub fencing laws vary by location. But the laws on the federal level offer suggestions to be followed by the local and the state authorities.

Nevertheless, many local municipalities and states do things their way.

Additionally, the VIRGINIA GRAEME BAKER POOL AND SPA SAFETY ACT regulates how states set laws regarding barriers to the hot tubs and pools.

The Act requires the enclosure of all outdoor residential spas and pools by barriers that will effectively prevent children from acquiring unfettered and unsupervised access to the hot tub or the pool. But the voluntary CDC guidelines list the following criteria for the state and local authorities:

These CDC guidelines are contained in the Model Aquatic Health Code as voluntary federal guidelines. But the specific codes will vary across cities and states, and you’ll need to check them out when erecting a barrier.

Every state has a unique set of codes and fencing regulations except Kansas and Alabama. So, make sure that you familiarize yourself with your state and city fencing codes when you erect a barrier around your hot tub.

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How Do You Secure A Hot Tub?

Now that you understand that you should secure your hot tub, the next thing you need to do is jump into the task. But you may be wondering about the suitable method you can use to secure your hot tub against children.

A fence alone might not be enough, and you’ll also agree that you can’t just erect any fence around the hot tub because low-quality fences will not suffice. Since you understand the importance of securing a hot tub, I shall take you through simple and safe methods to accomplish this goal.

Use A Durable Cover

A cover is very helpful in keeping your hot tub safe from the outside environment. When you’ve tightly covered your hot tub, the effects of strong winds will not reach your hot tub. The equipment will be secured from the falling branches, debris, and outdoor furniture that could be moved into the hot tub due to strong winds.

A quality hot tub cover will also prevent your hot tub from damage by foreign objects. Besides, a durable cover is less likely to be damaged or punctured by any flying object.

When looking for a durable cover, make sure that your choice is characterized by strong center support and thick, dense foam support. These features will increase the cover’s weight load and strength to assure you the best performance even when subjected to extreme winds and other conditions.

But you should take extra precautions against destructive winds to remove any furniture and debris that might be carried by the wind towards your hot tub.

Although your hot tub cover can withstand the impact of these objects, they will definitely weaken its strength. If this happens repeatedly, your hot tub cover could be punctured.

It’s also good to note that debris and furniture can damage the hot tubs and their surrounding areas when blown by strong winds. Therefore, make sure there are no deck furniture, outdoor furniture, plant pots, and any debris that the wind might lift.

Remember that a strong and durable cover will also act as a barrier against children’s access to the hot tub.

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Use A Good Quality Lock For Your Cover

You must also use high-quality locks for your hot tub covers. When doing so, I recommend checking with your local regulations to find out if using a hot tub cover would be enough.

You can always seek advice from your local stores because they will most likely be familiar with the local regulations. But no matter the local regulations, a cover with a good quality lock is a great idea.

Good quality lock on your hot tub cover will guarantee safety while keeping your hot tub water clean.

But even as you secure your cover with a good quality lock, make sure that you have properly secured your straps to ensure that the hot tub is fully locked.

Interestingly, the cover can save you significantly on the energy bills if it is tightly secured because it significantly minimizes heat losses into the atmosphere.

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Use A Good Quality Lock For Your Fence

Safety is about reducing or eliminating the risks associated with your hot tub to vulnerable people. Specifically, toddlers tend to be curious about almost everything.

Everything you do is exciting to them, and they’ll want to try the same thing when you’re away. They’ll usually try to do everything as they explore the entire house. And you’d not be surprised to find your kids getting to the places they’re not supposed to reach, like the hot tub area.

One method to prevent these mistakes from happening is to secure the hot tub surroundings with lockable fences.

An excellent way to accomplish this objective is by installing gates that open away from the hot tub. Make sure that the gates return to the closed position immediately and lock automatically.

Automatic locking gates will always ensure that children cannot access the hot tub even when you forget to lock the gates manually.

You should also prevent climbable elements on your fence to eliminate any possibility of the hot tub access by your children.

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Put A Bell On Your Fence Door

A good quality door is part of the structure you erect around your hot tub to secure it from young children. But as you might notice, you don’t necessarily need to wait for regulations from your local area to put extra measures and precautions in improving your hot tub safety.

One creative method to secure the door to your hot tubs is installing a bell. The bell will trigger a sound the same way that an alarm does to alert you when someone is entering the hot tub.

If you have installed a bell on your hot tub fence, you’ll know when a child is trying to gain access when you’re in a different location in your compound.

A bell on the fence door can also scare young children and prevent them from making further efforts to gain access to the hot tub because they might think that someone is watching them.

Besides, bells could be an excellent way to distract the attention of the young children who could be carried by the sound and stop making further attempts to access your hot tubs.

Although this might not be included in most of the city and state regulations, you can take it as an additional measure because it can be very helpful in keeping toddlers from accessing your hot tub when you’re not around.

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Will Locking My Hot Tub Cover Be Enough?

Locking your hot tub cover could be enough if this is what your city or state code recommends. But you must do it correctly. Make sure that you have used a high-quality cover with good locks for your hot tubs.

Quality and durable covers will protect your hot tub from foreign debris that can break its edges or damage the water. The cover will also keep young children safe from the risk of drowning.

Always ensure that you’ve fixed the hot tub cover tightly in place using all its straps. A tightly-tied cover will minimize the risk of it getting blown away by strong winds.

If you have chosen the cover to be your only source of securing your hot tub, make sure that all debris and objects that winds could carry are removed from the vicinity. If you don’t mind, invest some extra bucks in erecting a physical barrier.

Check With Your Local Municipality Bylaws For Securing Your Hot Tub

You don’t want to run into trouble with your local municipality bylaws regarding the security of your hot tub. No matter the effort and resources you put in to protect your equipment, it will all be in vain if you did not comply with your local regulations. I always advise looking into your local regulations requirement first and making sure that you have complied with every requirement they have set. After doing this, you can think of any other ways to provide additional safety and security around your hot tub.

Remember that you can identify many more safety gaps around your hot tubs, and this doesn’t mean you have to ignore them all because you have complied with your local municipality bylaws.

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Does a Hot Tub Need a Fence: Conclusion

does a hot tub need a fence

Does a hot tub need a fence? Yes, it does!

Erecting a fence around a hot tub should be a personal initiative, even if your city or state does not provide guidelines on how you should go about the process.

But luckily, almost every state has regulations that hot tub owners are required to follow to secure their equipment.

At the federal level, there are guidelines that states and local authorities are voluntarily required to follow when drafting their laws.

Just like an above the ground hot tub, an in-ground hot tub requires a fence as well. The fence or barrier helps to keep children from drowning.

On the same note, a hot tub cover can be provided for the same reasons, in addition to keeping the hot tub water clean from foreign objects and debris.

I strongly encourage you to take additional measures on top of the local regulations if you find any gaps.

I hope you found this article on putting a fence around your hot tub helpful.

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