Can I Put an Inflatable Hot Tub on My Deck? (Yes! Here’s How…)

By James Brockbank •  Updated: 12/23/21 •  15 min read

Can I put an inflatable hot tub on my deck?

Yes, you can put an inflatable hot tub on your deck. However, the deck requires a few modifications for strength to support the weight of the hot tub, the water, and the users. When testing the deck for stability, ensure that it can support a weight of up to 3500lbs. 

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You probably had the same question when I first bought an inflatable hot tub. 

I had built a huge deck and would enjoy it before this idea of acquiring a hot tub came to my mind. So I naturally thought that placing the hot tub in part of the extra space on my deck would be a great idea. 

It would also help me find an alternative way of unwinding after a busy or stressful day.

I found so much information in researching this issue that I would like to share with you and give you some additional insights based on my hot tub experience on the deck.

Let’s get started!

Can I Put an Inflatable Hot Tub on My Deck?

Yes, you can put an inflatable hot tub on your deck. However, the deck should be modified for extra support. Hot tubs can weigh between 1000 and 5000lbs, depending on the size and how many people use the spa. By supporting the weight of the hot tub through reinforcement, the deck should be able to handle the weight.

In addition, I advise you to check whether your deck requires additional reinforcements and whether it will be accommodated by your current design. 

If you are not sure how to check the strength of your deck to determine its ability to support your inflatable hot, I would recommend considering other options like a concrete surface. 

You can also place the hot tub safely on the grass or even the patio because support will not be of concern in such cases. But if you’re still determined enough to place your spa on the deck, there are a few things I would recommend to ensure that it has sufficient reinforcement. 

First, it is essential to calculate the weight of the hot tub filled with water to the maximum and factor in the maximum number of users at a time.

This is because the weight of an inflatable hot tub is negligible when empty.

 For a 2-3 persons tub, the weight will typically be around 2200lbs, while the 4-6 persons tub will weigh 2700lbs. The weights with bathers for each of the two hot tubs are 2700lbs and 3700lbs, respectively. This shows that a significant amount of weight will be supported on the deck’s relatively small surface area. 

Decking constructed just above the ground level or at the ground level will generally support 50lbs per square foot. Thus, you can easily determine whether your deck can support the inflatable hot tub. If the deck is higher from the ground, you’ll need to do some reinforcement to improve its strength. 

Can I Put An Inflatable Hot Tub On A Balcony?

You can put an inflatable hot tub on the balcony if it is strong enough to hold its weight when it’s full with the maximum number of users. In most cases, however, the weight of the hot tub will exceed the strength and the capacity of the balcony. If this is the case, you will need to reinforce the balcony. 

If you take the case of a typical kids’ pool which holds about 198 gallons of water, you will find that its weight is about 1600lbs. that weight exceeds the amount that a balcony can hold. 

Therefore, it is almost impossible to say that a balcony can bear the weight of an inflatable hot tub that is much heavier unless modifications are done through additional reinforcements. 

It would help if you clarified a few things when deciding whether to place a hot tub on the balcony. The first thing is to check the strength of the materials used in the construction. 

You should check the safety consideration provided for the balcony in construction, the size of the fasteners, and the age of the materials.

Besides, you should check the balcony’s environment and the frequent forms of wear and tear that affect the balcony since they can also damage your hot tub

You need to go beyond the strength considerations of the balcony because some of the additional factors mentioned are critical for the hot tub and users. 

I would recommend checking the technical aspects of the balcony with your leasing company or a structural engineer. You can check from your leasing contract whether the placement of a large object is allowed by your leasing company. 

If you’re not sure, consult a professional because there are cases where the lease contract might omit what should not be placed on the balcony. If you’re restricted, you could still develop a different idea of utilizing the balcony for relaxation and your family. 

But I would highly recommend talking to an expert even if you get a green light to place a hot tub on the balcony for extra caution on safety. 

The condition of the balcony might deteriorate fast in a short duration.

Make sure you get an accurate assessment of the condition of your balcony even when the building looks relatively new by calling a structural engineer. 

The examination of the balcony by the structural engineer will recommend any necessary repairs needed and determine whether it is sturdy enough to support the hot tub. 

They can also tell you the type of material used in the balcony construction and give you an estimated weight that it can hold. 

The weight of the pool could be lower than the balcony can hold, but it might exceed what a balcony can bear per square foot. This is a critical aspect that the structural engineer will seek to establish. 

How Much Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Weigh?

The weight of an inflatable hot tub is 2,300lbs on average. This number includes water-filled to 80% capacity. However, this value can vary slightly based on the model and the number of people it is designed for. 

For more detailed explanations about the weight of an inflatable hot tub in its various conditions, please read the following sections.

How Much Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Weigh Empty?

An inflatable hot tub with a capacity of 2 to 4 persons is 50 pounds, while a six-persons inflatable hot tub is 70 pounds. 

The most direct spec of an inflatable hot tub to tell is its weight when empty

You only need to look at the manufacturer’s manual or talk to your local supplier if you cannot find the exact weight of your system. 

The weight of the inflatable hot tub will usually be with the model and the sizes. However, sizes are the most critical determinants of the empty inflatable hot tub.  

A two-person acrylic hot tub will weigh 600lbs when empty, while a five-person molded tub will weigh 445 when empty. 

On the same note, the dry weight of a seven-person acrylic hot tub is 800 while, and the capacity of the acrylic model of 8 persons will weigh 589. 

hot tub privacy ideas

How Much Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Weigh Full?

The weight of an inflatable hot tub when full for the six-persons capacity is 2240 and 3308 pounds when full of water and the people. For the 2-4 person capacity hot tub, the weight will usually be 1540 and 2250 pounds when full of water and the people. 

When you want to determine the capacity of a deck to support a hot tub, you will need to factor in the weight of the inflatable hot tub with water and the maximum number of users.  

How To Calculate The Weight Of Your Inflatable Hot Tub

You can calculate the weight of your hot tub from its dry weight, the weight of the gallons of water it can hold, and the average weight of a person multiplied by the maximum number of its users.

 While the weight of the empty inflatable hot tub will be provided with the manufacturer’s specs, you will determine the weight of water by multiplying 3lbs, the average weight of one gallon, by the number of gallons that the hot tub can hold. 

You will then determine the total weight of the users from the average weight of one user multiplied by the total number of persons who can use the hot tub at a time. 

The weight of an inflatable hot tub will usually be around 100lbs, while one person will weigh between 170lbs and 175lbs on average. The formula that will be used in calculating the weight of the hot tub is:

The dry weight of the hot tub+ No. of gallons x 8.3 + Seats x person’s average weight sq. feet, determined from the product of the length of the hot tub and its width. 

hot tub weight table

How Do You Reinforce A Deck For An Inflatable Hot Tub?

You can reinforce a deck to support an inflatable hot tub by adding a beam, joists, joist hanger, or installing ledger board fasteners. 

However, the best person to advise you about this is a structural engineer based on the assessment of the existing structure and the weight of the hot tub it will hold. 

Reinforcement of the deck is necessary because it is faster and will save you money than constructing it afresh.

From experience, I can recommend you add an extra beam to fit between two existing beams. 

You may also add a beam and a ledger board for the same purpose. However, you’ll need to remove the deck boards before adding the beam. 

You will operate between the joists after removing the deck boards, especially if they are distanced at 16″ or longer. 

You could also hire a carpenter to add extra joists to the existing ones. Place the additional joists at the exact spots where the hot tub will rest. 

The carpenter will usually clamp between the new and the existing joists to fasten them together to improve weight distribution better. 

Ledger board fasteners are an additional alternative to reinforce your deck for holing an inflatable hot tub. Based on the calculated weight that the deck will be supporting, 2 to 4 fasteners could be added at a time. 

Provide additional rigidity by using joist hangers to further support the joists and ledge. 

First, however, ensure to install them on the same house side. Then, after installing the joist hangers, do not forget to nail back the modified blocks providing quality steel nails. 

Below is a basic demonstration of reinforcing your deck to take on more weight. Check with your local professional for the best advice.

deck support

Can I Construct A New Deck To Support An Inflatable Hot Tub?

Yes, you can construct a new deck to support an inflatable hot tub, and this does not have to be a complicated process. The process will involve adding extra reinforcement to the area below the hot tub without overbuilding the entire deck. 

Are you stranded between constructing a new deck and reinforcing an existing one? 

I would find that adding an extra beam or choosing any recommended reinforcement methods could be better than designing a new one. 

However, you might be in circumstances that warrant the construction of a new deck for the inflatable hot tub. This is true if you don’t have an existing deck. 

Still, your deck might be too old and weary that reinforcement could not be helpful. In that case, you’re wondering, “Can I construct a new deck to support an inflatable hot tub?”

Indeed, I recommend that you build your deck to standard code by reinforcing the foundation surface to support the extra hot tub weight. 

Make sure to get your calculations right not to overdesign and waste resources or under-design and risk structural failure. 

Among the technical aspects, you should determine the spacing and the size of joists, the number of posts needed, and the beam sizes required. The best method to support a deck for the hot tub is to construct a concrete pad. 

Are There Any Extra Considerations When Placing An Inflatable Hot Tub On Decking?

Yes, you can construct a new deck to support an inflatable hot tub, and this does not have to be a complicated process. The process will involve adding extra reinforcement to the area below the hot tub without overbuilding the entire deck. 

You must consider a few issues when designing a hit tub deck if you’re looking to have a private, more relaxing, and safe bathing experience with your loved ones. 

Placement of the inflatable hot tub near the house has the benefits of access. It also allows ease of accessing the house in case of sudden weather change. 

Privacy is also critical in deciding on the location of a hot tub. Nearness to the house comes with the privacy advantage where you don’t have to worry about anything when you spend time alone relaxing. Placement near the walls makes it even better because it will shield you from the breeze as you read a book or enjoy a drink soaking. 

The last critical consideration is accessibility. I recommend you place the hot tub at a point where you can enter and exit freely. 

Ensure there is enough free space for the placement and removal of the cover. Ensure that the components are accessible for ease of access whenever you want to service and do maintenance. 

hot tub on deck

Will Hot Tub Water Hurt A Wood Deck?

Hot tub water can hurt the deck, so you must be mindful of the materials the hot tub is resting on. One of the best methods to ensure that your hot tub water does not damage the deck is to use pressure-treated lumber and a waterproof sealant. 

Remember that the deck will also be exposed to hail, snow, and wind, hurting the deck. 

This is why you need to be extra careful in the deck construction, where your pressure-treated lumber must also be sealed or coated with a stain to withstand these conditions.

Even if you don’t drain the hot tub on the deck, a little splash during the use can be very damaging if the decking material is not treated correctly. 

Also, remember that the trapped moisture will cause the deck to deteriorate with time. 

The chemicals and salts from the hot tub water can also damage the deck, especially with chlorine causing discoloration and salts interrupting the wood cells. 

I recommend the CosySpa Hot Tub Flooring Protector to help protect your inflatable hot tub.

If I Don’t Put My Hot Tub On My Deck, What Should I Put It On?

Instead of placing your hot tub on a deck, consider placing the spa on a concrete pad, gravel, patio, or a grass area with a proper hot tub pad.

There are other creative, safe places you can place your inflatable hot tub if you rule out the deck. For example, you can put it on the grass provided you spread a groundsheet first to ensure proper insulation and protection against puncture. 

You may also place your hot tub on a concrete patio if you have one in your compound. 

However, you need to ensure that it is thick enough and level to support the weight of your inflatable hot tub. 

Synthetic tub pads are also a convenient choice whether you place your hot tub indoors or outdoors. Again, this is a convenient option that is affordable and relatively lightweight. 

Their setup and maintenance are quick and easy, with minimal requirements for maintenance. Besides, you can easily dismantle them if there’s a need. 

I recommend the Diversitech Black Pad for pools and spas. This can be used to protect your lawn!

Can I Put An Inflatable Hot Tub On My Deck: Conclusion

can i put an inflatable hot tub on my deck

Can I Put An Inflatable Hot Tub On My Deck? 

Well, you now know that it is possible. However, I recommend you check the condition and strength of your deck before making this decision. 

For accurate results on the ability of your deck to support an inflatable hot tub, talk to a structural engineer. Also, ensure to get clearance from your leasing company. 

You can also place the hot tub on a balcony if strong enough. However, if you decide that none of the options will work for you, grass, concrete patio, or synthetic tub pads will also serve as good alternatives. 

I hope you found this article on putting an inflatable hot tub on a deck helpful.

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