Top 6 Best Hot Tub Privacy Ideas [Fantastic Guide]

By James Brockbank •  Updated: 02/05/21 •  9 min read

What are the best hot tub privacy ideas?

The top 6 best hot tub privacy ideas are:

  1. Gazebos
  2. Fencing
  3. Landscaping
  4. Garden Trellis
  5. Privacy Screens
  6. Pop-up canopies

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All these ideas can make your hot tub experience more enjoyable and relaxing.

Let’s get started!

Why Hot Tub Privacy is Important

For those who may have a backyard but lack landscaping, trees, and fencing, privacy may be more of an issue for you. Most people don’t want their neighbors to see directly into their hot tubs, so when it comes time to buy your hot tub or enhance your hot tub experience, investing in some privacy may go a long way.

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Along with making your hot tub and backyard more private, investing in privacy may also result in protecting your hot tub from debris like leaves or harsh weather such as the wind or heavy snow. For example, a gazebo would protect your hot tub from insects and the rain while also providing better privacy for you and those who are enjoying your hot tub.

Luckily, there are many options on the market that will allow you to make your hot tub more private and protect it from the elements. Some of these options include gazebos, fencing, privacy screens, portable enclosures, landscaping, and others.

We’ll discuss some of the hot tub privacy ideas in greater detail throughout this article.

The 6 Best Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

We’ll discuss 6 hot tub privacy ideas including gazebos, garden trellis, fencing, privacy screens, pop-up canopies, and landscaping.

1. Gazebo

Gazebos are a fantastic option for hot tub privacy and protecting your hot tub from the elements.

Many gazebos come with mesh netting that surrounds the outer walls of the gazebos which makes it difficult for insects and debris to get inside. Mesh netting is also tinted making it more difficult to see inside the gazebo, especially at night.

I suggest two different mesh gazebos (both can be found on Amazon). The first is the COWVIE Gazebo which comes in 4 different sizes, 10 x 10, 10 x 12, 10 x 13, and 12 x 12 measured in feet.

These gazebos are great for hot tubs and any other outdoor gathering you may be having.

Some gazebos come with metal roofs which allow for a more permanent solution for those looking to protect their hot tub from the snow or other debris. These types of gazebos come with mesh and curtain sidings.

Our recommendation is the Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo. This gazebo is fantastic for both the summer and winter and will allow for privacy and protection for both you and your hot tub. It comes in two sizes, 12 x 16 or 10 x 14 feet.

Gazebos also come with walls that are made of metal or glass. These gazebos are essentially small structures that you would enclose a hot tub inside of. What is nice about gazebos that are enclosed is they will provide the ultimate protection against the elements and provide fantastic privacy for you, your friends, and your family while you use your hot tub.

Our recommendation is the Westview Asp Spa Gazebos.

Gazebos are usually big enough to enclose 4-to-6-person hard-sided hot tubs, but always check the dimensions of both the hot tub and gazebo to make sure the hot tub will fit.

2. Fencing

Building a wood fence in the shape of an “L” around your hot tub will also provide some great privacy while also allowing you to add a personal touch to your outdoor space.

Building wood fences is always a fun and exciting project but remember to check with your municipality to ensure you can build a fence on your property. If the fence is portable or temporary it shouldn’t be a problem.

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hot tub privacy

3. Landscaping

Landscaping is probably the best thing you can do to add privacy to your outdoor space. Adding trees, rocks, sitting areas, bushes, and other plants will make the space more inviting, airy, and enjoyable while also providing more privacy.

Large pine needle trees are great examples of what you can add to ensure others can’t see in or around your outdoor space. If you place your hot tub in behind a couple of these trees or in behind a rocky hill, the chances of people being able to see into your hot tub become much less.

During the winter months when there’s snow on the ground, privacy becomes even more important as leaves fall off the trees and branches become bare. By creating an area where the hot tub is trenched behind a small hill or a group of pine trees, it will make a significant difference.

Of course, adding a gazebo, fence, or plastic enclosure will also add to the outdoor privacy along with the landscaping.

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4. Garden Trellis

Garden trellis is a great solution for adding more privacy to your hot tub or outdoor space. They offer the ability to hang flowers and other plants while also being weather resistant.

Our recommended garden trellis is this Compact Wicker Planter. It stands 48 inches tall and is made with natural water-resistant wood.

The material used to make this garden trellis is of the highest quality which includes no unwanted chemicals and natural woods which will last throughout the winter and summer months.

In the garden pit, drainage holes at the bottom make it easy to add healthy plants and water them without the problem of overflowing water. This is also important if you get rained heavily. The screws included are rust-resistant to ensure the integrity of the garden pot remains intact.

This garden trellis makes for a great decoration and an even better hot tub enclosure. If you were to buy 2 or 3 of these, you can plant some nice flowers or vegetable plants while also adding privacy to your hot tub.

5. Hot Tub Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are an elegant way of creating privacy for your outdoor space and hot tub. There are many different options on the marketplace but the one I recommend is this White Fence Privacy Screen.

This privacy screen is completely solid and is great in summer and winter conditions. The 2 sections included will make a convenient right-angle wall. The construction of the privacy screen includes strong PVC vinyl and looks the same from both sides.

If you are looking for a quick solution this privacy screen is perfect for you as it’s easy to install, simply drive the included stakes into the ground using a sledgehammer, angling it perfectly to cover your hot tub.

In order to make a proper hot tub enclosure, you could buy two or three of these right-angle privacy screens to ensure you’re protected from every side.

6. Pop-up Canopy

If your hot tub setup is temporary, then using a pop-up canopy to enclose the hot tub maybe your best option. These pop-up canopies are great for the spring, summer, and fall months and come in an assortment of different colors.

I recommend this fantastic Canopy Tent. This specific one is 10 x 15 feet, with 4 removable zippered sidewalls, and a heavy-duty bag for easy storage.

This pop-up canopy comes with heavy-duty polyester fabric which is CPAI-84 and NFPA 701 fire retardant certified, PU lining, 210D walls, 100% waterproof, and is UV protected.

The frame is made from sturdy aluminum steel, is rust-resistant, and comes in 3 adjustable heights including 10.7 ft, 10.9 ft, 11.1 feet.

Having a large canopy is great for inflatable hot tubs, parties, weddings, markets, and much more and will add to the privacy of your hot tub and outdoor space.

Hot Tub Privacy for Friends and Family

Privacy for your friends and family is very important and allows everyone to enjoy your hot tub even more. Nothing is worse than buying a brand-new hot tub and then witnessing your neighbors and strangers looking into your backyard and seeing everyone relaxing in the hot tub. It can take the comfort and enjoyment out of the experience relatively quickly.

Adding privacy to your outdoor space will also make the experience more welcoming for your friends and family in the long run. Whether it’s at night or during the day, making sure your hot tub is private and protected will keep the noise level down, protect the spa from insects and debris, and protect the spa and the people in it from the elements.

Friends and family will appreciate the attention to detail, the added comfort, and the aesthetic of the added plants, wood fence, or solid gazebo as an added touch to your outdoor space.

Hot Tub Privacy: Security

Another major point to consider when making your hot tub more private is also making it more secure.

People who walk past your backyard may feel the urge to damage your spa or go for a swim. Even though this is unlikely it can happen from time to time.

Many municipalities have bylaws that require hot tub owners to make sure their hot tub covers are locked. If you were to get an enclosed gazebo, locking the doors to the gazebo ensures no one can get near the hot tub.

Making your hot tub more private makes it harder for birds and other animals to be attracted to your hot tub. This is especially true in the wintertime as hot tubs often become homes for small critters if they are not properly protected or insulated.

Hot Tub Privacy: Conclusion

hot tub privacy

Hot tub privacy is incredibly important for the well-being of the people using the hot tub and the protection of the hot tub.

You can use several different methods to make your hot tub more private including using a gazebo, landscaping, privacy screens, and wood fences.

I hope you found this article on hot tub privacy helpful.

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