Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi: How are They Different? [Best Overview]

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Hot tubs vs Jacuzzi, what is the difference?

It’s important to understand that hot tubs refer to sizeable hot water shells used for relaxation and entertainment. But Jacuzzi is a trademark used for hot tubs and related products. Both are used interchangeably and can often mean the same thing. 

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In this article, we shall explore the difference between hot tubs vs Jacuzzi in detail.

We shall simplify the two terms by going into more information to make it easier for your to understand.

Let’s get started!

Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi: What’s the Difference?

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis have some significant differences. For instance, Jacuzzi is not the only manufacturer of hot tubs. They can be manufactured by other brands and traded with different names, other than Jacuzzi. 

Besides, other brands will usually sell hot tubs at significantly lower prices. Although Jacuzzis might be the earliest brand to manufacture hot tubs, they do not necessarily manufacture the most affordable products.

You’ll also notice that some hot tubs come with features not present in Jacuzzis, including the in-built MP3 and the flat-screen TVs. We shall explore the differences between hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and Spas by looking at each of these products at a time.

What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is defined as a small pool or a large tub full of heated water. Hot tubs are designed to provide pleasure and hydrotherapy. Most of the modern hot tubs are fitted with jets to provide you with massage therapy. Some people use the term spas when referring to hot tubs. Others call them Jacuzzis. Do you think any of them is right?

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Some people will also define hot tubs differently. Some derive the definition from the construction materials. You’ll hear someone describe a hot tub as a wooden shell and doesn’t contain molded seats or water jets. Others will claim that hot tubs are circular or oval shells with an acrylic or a swirly finish.

Hot tubs are usually round and with varying construction materials. They are often designed with a wooden bench and fitted with 4 to 8 jets by the sides to provide a massaging experience.

Hot tubs are usually self-contained. A hot tub comes fully fitted with electrical and plumbing fixtures. You can drain the hot tub anytime you wish and move it any time you relocate to a new home.

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Hot tubs are designed to hold heat from escaping. The technology allows you to set the hot tub at a given temperature and remain at that level until you are ready to soak. This means that you do not need to wait for a hot tub to heat up. But you can set the temperatures to a specific level in advance and bathe when ready.

Hot tubs range from simply designed products with just a few water jets to tough acrylic shells with a large number of jet counts. Hot tubs have evolved from the earliest designs that used redwood vessels. Today’s hot tubs are energy efficient, easier to maintain, more comfortable with much greater massaging capabilities.

Other outstanding features of hot tubs include Bluetooth technology, cushioned headrests, and sleek acrylic shells.

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What is a Jacuzzi?

The word Jacuzzi is often used to describe any type of spa or hot tub. Indeed, Jacuzzi is a trademark brand of bath products, pool equipment, and hot tubs. Jacuzzi started in the mid-20th century with the Jacuzzi brothers, who invented how an underwater pump could relieve pain among arthritis patients. Soon after, they designed a tub with in-built jets for providing a massaging experience. Years later, people adopted the word Jacuzzi primarily to describe all kinds of hot tubs. But this was incorrect.

Today, even the most luxurious hotels advertise an in-room Jacuzzi when referring to a hot tub manufactured by other companies. Thus, Jacuzzi has become a generic term misapplied to all hot tubs, air-jetted bathtubs, and spas from different manufacturers.

For example, portable above-the-ground hot tubs like the Caldera spas are called Jacuzzis even though they are not manufactured by Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi family has been fighting to prevent the name Jacuzzi from becoming generic, but their efforts have not been fruitful. They have no problem calling Jacuzzi-manufactured spas and hot tubs Jacuzzis but are opposed to misapplication of the name to products by other manufacturers.

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What is a Spa?

A spa is used to describe hot tubs fitted with strong jets that mix air into the water to provide you a prolonged massaging effect. Hot tubs are available in various forms as follows:

People often think of spas as treatment or pampering. You can also get different forms of hydrotherapy from natural hot springs and spa hotels. People believe that the mineral water used in spas has curative powers. This belief has a long history in human existence.

During the ancient civilization, people would travel long distances to enjoy the hot spas’ therapeutic effects. But people would build structures later on with different types of social and cultural entertainment. The later innovation of electricity supported the creation of artificial spas, allowing people not to travel long distances in the search for natural hot springs. The definition of the spa also changed from hot springs where people could travel to soak and massage. Instead, it’s now a whirlpool bath or a hot tub.

Although spas are popular across the world, they are especially loved in Japan and Europe. Besides, the United States is popular with day spas. But what does a spa really mean?

You should also note that some people use the term spa when referring to an in-ground spa. This kind of spa consists of a body of water built below the ground surface. In residential places, the in-ground spas are usually attached to the in-ground swimming pools.

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These are the same kind of designs that you could find in gyms or hotels. An in-ground spa is designed with jets and a bench seat. The jets are built around the spa perimeter. Spas take a long time to heat. Besides, you will require a lot of energy to maintain temperatures in the spas.

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Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi: Are They the Same?

Hot tubs vs Jacuzzi are the same on the one hand and different on another. If someone asked you whether hot tub and Jacuzzis are the same things, you could be correct to answer both yes and no. They are the same because Jacuzzi is the manufacturer of specific hot tub brands. So, it would depend on the hot tub brand in question for you to be clear with the answer.

But you could also argue that hot tubs vs Jacuzzi are separate. In this regard, you could say that hot tubs can be manufactured by various brands other than Jacuzzi. Most of these brands will feature similar quality and maybe more affordable than Jacuzzi products.

You should also note that hot tubs vs Jacuzzi share many similar features. In this context, the term Jacuzzi refers to the hot tub products trading by the name Jacuzzi. Hot tubs vs Jacuzzi are identical in the following ways:

A few of the latest hot tub and Jacuzzi designs include Bluetooth technology, MP3, and in-build TVs. However, these additions are intended to enhance your soaking experience.

Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi: Conclusion

hot tub vs jacuzzi

We hope that hot tubs vs Jacuzzi is no longer a maze. We have broken down the two products into details to understand what each of the products entails. We have also attempted to explain how the two relate and how they differ.

We have gone further to include another confusing term, spas, to avoid leaving you with questions. We have explained that Jacuzzis and spas are the earliest products and that hot tubs were innovated after developing electricity technology. Jacuzzis were initially created by the Jacuzzi brothers to help arthritis patients relieve pain. Spas used to be mineral hot water springs believed to have healing effects.

Although many people use the terms to refer to one and the same thing, they are different. Jacuzzi is a specific brand line. While Jacuzzi can manufacture hot tubs, other brands can manufacture hot tubs and trade them independently. Thus, hot tubs are different from Jacuzzis.

We hope you found this article on hot tub vs Jacuzzi helpful.

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