Hot Tub Average Temperature (What You Need to Know…)

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Hot tub average temperature, what is it?

The average temperature for a hot tub is about 102°F. However, a hot tub can range anywhere from 100°F to 104°F, so finding the average temperature for your hot tub before selecting an ideal temperature is essential.

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When I first bought my hot tub, the water temperature was set much higher than the average. I wanted to know more about proper water temperatures.

The hot tub is a great place to relax, and the perfect temperature for hot tubbing is not everyone’s favorite. You will find that most people agree on an ideal hot tub temperature of 102°F but disagree on what makes it the best.

In this article, I will explore these different opinions and average hot tub temperatures and how long it takes to heat your hot tub.

Let’s get started!

Why Is Hot Tub Temperature Important?

Making sure your hot tub is at the right temperature can make all the difference.

Not only will you enjoy a better soak, but you’ll also be more comfortable and relaxed. But, of course, the essential thing to think about when adjusting your hot tub’s water temperature is safety.

Spending too much time in a hot tub increases the risk of overheating and sickness. It’s especially critical in young children and elderly people.
Bacteria thrive in hot water, which means the hotter your hot tub gets, the faster it will be out of chlorine.

On the flip side, getting the temperature right is also crucial for cold water and freezing pipes. If the hot tub isn’t sufficiently warm, you risk damaging it with freezing water, which can expand as it freezes, causing leaks and cracks in your plumbing system.

Hot tub temperature can also help you burn calories, check out our full article on how it can be done!

How a Hot Tub Heats the Water

The heating element in a hot tub is an easy-to-use appliance. With the flick of a switch or the turn of a dial, you choose desired water temperature. Then, the element heats up and, after some time, reaches the target temperature set by the user.

For those who own a hot tub, some systems now come with their app. You won’t have to wait for hours to use the hot tub with the app because it has already been heated up and is waiting for you.

Most modern hot tubs will also have a maximum temperature setting that I cannot exceed because of the risks to your health from spending too long in overheated water.

It can be hard to figure out exactly what temperature your hot tub is set up to get, and so I also recommend getting a separate water temperature gauge.

This way, before getting in, you can do a quick check to make sure it’s the right temp, and there isn’t an issue with your heater or control panel.

Hot Tub Average Temperature

The average hot tub temperature is around 102°F. A hot tub can range anywhere from 100°F to 104°F, so you need to find the average hot tub temperature of your hot tub before selecting an ideal temperate.

Most people agree on a hot-tubbing favorite: the perfect temperature is about 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38C).

Hot tub temperature is adjusted to provide a pleasant, soothing experience. The hot tub’s temperature should be increased or decreased in accordance with the outside air temperature to maintain optimum comfort without breaking any health codes.

If your hot tub is not heating properly there might be something wrong with the spa itself. Check out our full article on troubleshooting hot tub heating issues.

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Factors that influence Hot Tub Temperature

The climate and season where you live, the time of day, how often people are using it can all affect the water temperature in your hot tub!

Many factors influence the water temperature of your hot tub, including:

There is no perfect degree because everyone has their personal preference for what makes them feel right at home when they relax in their hot tubs! However, research can help you find the best temperature for your hot tub.

Check out our article on how long it takes to heat up a hot tub for more information.

The Ideal Temperature for a Hot Tub?

The ideal temperature for a hot tub is what you think would be the most comfortable for you and your guests. The perfect hot tub temperature can range anywhere from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (30-40 Celsius)!

However, it’s important to note that just because a spa has an ideal water temperature of 102° does not mean it will always stay at this temp! It fluctuates depending on many different factors like climate and season, heat loss from surfaces inside and around the spa, pump performance (both circulation and heating), filter flow rate, and heater efficiency.

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What is The Minimum Temperature for a Hot Tub?

The minimum temperature for a hot tub is when hot tub owners can still enjoy their spa. This minimum water temp varies from person to person, but most people agree that it should be somewhere between 80° and 90° Fahrenheit (26-32 Celsius).

The ideal hot tub temperature for many spas is 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. However, this does not mean a spa needs to stay at 104 degrees Fahrenheit all of the time constantly!

A hot tub’s thermostat works by maintaining power to heat the necessary amount of water needed per hour, so there are fluctuations throughout each day and over periods of days, weeks, and months.

Using a hot tub in the winter can be challenging at times but is certainly doable. Check out our full article on using a hot tub in the winter for more information.

Is 110 Degrees Fahrenheit Too Hot for a Hot Tub?

110 degrees Fahrenheit can be too hot for a hot tub. This temperature is often the maximum most hot tubs can reach. 110 degrees Fahrenheit would be too warm for the human body causing heat-related illness if someone were to stay in the spa for more than 10 minutes.

How Hot is Too Hot for a Hot Tub?

105 plus degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for a hot tub and can lead to serious heat-related illness. The minimum temperature for a hot tub is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any water above this temperature can lead to skin irritation, rashes, or other medical conditions that could harm one’s health.

Most hot tubs are set at 104 degrees Fahrenheit because most people find it too warm when the spa reaches higher temperatures such as 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

This great article from Arctic Spas also talks about hot tub temperature and what to look for.

Some people ask if they can use a hot tub in the summer when it’s nice and warm, the answer is yes! Check out our full article discussing summer and using a hot tub.

Is 90 degrees Fahrenheit Good for a Hot Tub?

90 degrees Fahrenheit is a perfect temperature for someone looking to have a cool hot tub experience. A hot tub temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for someone who’s looking to cool down without suffering from the cold.

90 degrees Fahrenheit will allow one to stay in the spa for a long time before they start feeling too chilly and want to get out.

Some spas offer heaters that can raise their temperature up to 104 degrees which may seem warm, but many find it perfect during those winter months where indoor temperatures tend to dip below 60 Degrees Fahrenheit quite often.

Some people believe that temperature doesn’t matter for a hot tub because it’s not the heat from the water but rather your body adjusting to being in the spa.

However, people who are sensitive to warmer water or have health conditions may be uncomfortable when using higher temperatures such as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, there is no magic number on what temperature is best.

The human body would cause serious harm if someone were to stay in an excessively hot bath too long, so it is crucial to keep track of how many minutes you spend soaking in a warm hot tub.

Hot Tub Temperature for Kids

The ideal hot tub temperature for kids is between 90 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 98 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for children. Anything above that temperature and the spa may start to feel too warm.

Hot tubs should be about five degrees cooler for infants, while hot tubs that are at least three feet deep with good circulation make it possible to keep the water warmer in order to avoid shock from sudden cold temperatures when going into a hot tub.

Kids need more time to adjust to hot tub temperatures because they will cool down faster and warm up faster than adults.

Kids also don’t have as much fat and muscle density on their bodies, making them more sensitive to hot temperatures.

Hot Tub Temperature for Pregnancy

The ideal hot tub temperature for a woman who is pregnant is somewhere between 90 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature depends on the woman’s preference. A pregnant woman should not use a hot tub for more than 10 minutes at a time.

The ideal hot tub temperature for a pregnant woman is about 90-94 F. Anything hotter than that can put more strain on the heart, potentially causing it to work harder than usual. It also puts the baby at risk because of increasing body temperature.

A lower hot tub temperature may also be beneficial because of the risk of herniated discs in pregnancy due to increased weight being shifted forward during pregnancy.

Hot water provides relief from nagging aches and pains related to stiff joints by decreasing muscle tension—but too much heat might increase joint stiffness! So the idea is not necessarily what’s best for your pregnant body but instead balancing out sources of pain with therapy, including both hot and cold.

Check out our full article on using a hot tub during pregnancy for more information.

Another great way to monitor your health is the Withings Body+ Smart Scale which will monitor your body weight, body fat, BMI, water percentage, muscle, bone mass, and pregnancy tracker.

Hot Tub Temperatures for Health Conditions

For some conditions, a doctor’s approval is necessary before going into the water.

If you have a history of heart disease, circulatory or blood pressure problems, be in touch with your physician first before using a hot tub.
With that being said, if you have any concerns at all, my advice would be to choose a lower temperature. 95 to 98 degrees is still very warm and comfortable while significantly reducing the risks you’ll face after taking a soak in the water.

When pregnant, a woman may need to be extra careful with the water temperature. Raise your body temperature above 102.2 degrees, and you run the risk of giving birth to a baby with birth defects! If you want to enjoy hot tubs when pregnant, set it at 100 degrees and do so for only 10 minutes at a time.

If you have high blood pressure and want to use a hot tub, check out our full article on the subject.

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Hot Tub Temperature When Not in Use

Depending on the weather, an empty hot tub can lose as much as 20°F in 24 hours. To avoid having to drain and refill your hot tub every time you want to use it, set the temperature at 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit when the spa is not in use.

The ideal average water temperature for a hot tub is 98.0°F (37 C). The minimum safe temperature is 104°F (40 C), typically taking about 30 minutes of heating time depending on air conditions outside the spa.

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Consider Using a Water Care Monitor

Monitoring the health of your hot tub can often be challenging if you are not testing the water on a regular basis. This can also be a problem if you go on holiday or you are unable to take care of your hot tub due to mobility issues.

The pHin Smart Water Care Monitor for pools, hot tubs, and inflatable spas continuously tests the water and alerts you when to add chemicals with the integrated mobile app.

This water care monitor also takes constant readings of the temperature inside your hot tub. This will give you peace of mind while away from your spa.

The mobile app will inform you when to add chemicals such as chlorine, and how much chemical is recommended. This is done by entering your hot tub or pool’s unique dimensions.

Simply scan the bar code of any chemical brand and the pHin app will calculate how much chemical is to be added to the water. Most products and brands are recognized by the application.

The pHin device will sample water more than 1000 times per week to give you an accurate reading compared to using test strips.

The pHin device works with different water types including chlorine, bromine, and saltwater hot tubs, swim spas, inflatable hot tubs, and pools.

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Hot Tub Average Temperature: Conclusion

hot tub average temperature

In conclusion, hot tub temperatures depend on what your preference is. A hot tub can be used at any temperature, but 98°F (37 C) seems to be the most popular and ideal average for a comfortable soak in one.

Water temperatures in a hot tub can vary depending on different conditions such as the air temperature, sun exposure, insulation quality, or how long it takes for a hot tub to reach its desired temperature.

To know the current water temp in your spa, you should use a thermometer that displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius levels located near one of the sides of your spa. They are not expensive, so if you want accurate readings, then they are your best choice.

If you are having problems balancing chlorine in your hot tub, it may be related to temperature. Check out our full article on the subject!

I hope you found this article on hot tub average temperature helpful.

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