Top 2 Best Square Inflatable Hot Tubs [Fantastic Value]

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There are several great square inflatable hot tubs, but what are the two best ones?

Our research shows that the two square inflatable hot tubs below are amongst the best quality.

The 2 Best Square Inflatable Hot Tubs:

  1. AquaSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa
  2. Aleko 4-Person 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Square Inflatable Hot Tub

  1. Price
  2. Capacity
  3. Quality


The cost of an inflatable hot tub can range between $500 to $2000 depending on the size, manufacturer, building materials, and what’s included. Check what’s included with the spa before purchasing to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.


Inflatable hot tubs come in different sizes and seating capacities. Some spas can only seat two people, where others can hold up to six people. Make sure you know what size of hot tub you need before purchasing.


Inflatable hot tubs are often built with different quality materials. Most of them are sturdy and are built with high-quality plastics.

What are the 2 Best Square Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Below we’ll discuss each inflatable hot tub.

1. AquaSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa


Capacity Price Quality
3 – 4 $ 4.5/5

Jets: 120

Dimensions: 60 X 60 X 26 inches

Maximum Temperature: 104 F

Capacity: 600 L / 158 Gal

This 3-person AquaSpa Bubble Jet Spa offers a variety of great features for those looking to relax with friends and family.

This square inflatable hot tub is one of the nicest on the market and is capable of seating up to 3 people. But if you’re just by yourself, you will find it spacious and welcoming from the very start.

The hot tub comes in a modern dark midnight black color which will surely leave a lasting impression on your outdoor space. The spa also comes in gray and red.

The structure of the inflatable spa is a major selling feature as it is reinforced with a polyester mesh encased in a durable PVC which provides sturdiness allowing for long-lasting stability without adding any unnecessary weight to the hot tub. If someone were to sit on the side of the hot tub, the weight should be evenly distributed with little issue.

Also, the soft-touch digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature without exiting the hot tub for an easy-to-use experience. The control system allows for full control over the air jets, and automated filtration.

The spa pump system easily inflates the hot tub in little time and allows the water to be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pool cover included will keep the hot tub warm and not allow any debris inside of the hot tub. This pool cover also comes with securing straps that are capable of being locked for extra security.

The 120 air jets should also leave a lasting impression on anyone that uses this hot tub as they effectively deliver thousands of gentle, caressing bubbles that massage your body in no time at all.

2. Aleko 4-Person 130-Jet Inflatable Hot Tub


Capacity Price Quality
3 – 4 $$ 4/5

Jets: 130

Dimensions: 2′ 2” H x 4′ 11” W x 4′ 11” L

Maximum Temperature: 104 F

Weight Filled: 1854 lb.

This 4-Person square inflatable hot tub by Aleko is a great option for those who are looking for a fantastic hot tub that can entertain multiple people while also being incredibly affordable. This hot tub provides all the traditional health benefits of a hot tub while also providing a more convenient installation process.

This hot tub comes in 2 different colors, black and brown, allowing you to match your hot tub to your outdoor space in a more seamless way.

The inflatable spa comes with 130 air jets throughout the hot tub and a well-cushioned floor making this hot tub very comfortable.

The spa pump system easily inflates the hot tub in little time and allows the water to be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fitted cover features a foil underside that keeps the water warm all day and night. The cover also snaps in place allowing for added security while ensuring no extra debris enters the hot tub.

Some of the built-in features include a 1500 watt (110-120 volt) power pack, a 900-watt heater, a 600-watt bubbler, and a 12 volt AC filter pump with a 160-gallon capacity.

Also included are 1 password lock, 1 inflation hose, 1 filter cartridge, 1 ground cloth, 1 rubber plug, and 1 repair kit.

Are Square Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth it?

Square Inflatable hot tubs are worth it because the cost to own, operate, and maintain one is so much cheaper. They are easy to set up during the spring and summer months and are usable until the end of fall. Inflatable hot tubs cost between $500 to $2000 and often come with great warranties from the manufacturer giving customers peace of mind.

Hot tubs are one of the great luxuries that many people enjoy in their spare time with potential health benefits. For some people, the cost of owning a hot tub can be overwhelming. This means going over to a friend’s place or a leisure center is the only real access people have when using a hot tub.

Some people also like hot tubs that are smaller and more in line with their lifestyle which means spending quality time with friends or family.

Conventional hot tubs with more than two pumps, lights, and 100 jets can cost well over $10,000. This doesn’t include the cost of the installation which can also be expensive. Luckily I wrote an article about hot tub installation costs which gives you a better idea about what it takes to install a hot tub.

These more affordable hot tubs are all inflatable, portable, and easy to set up giving you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy your hot tub in the comfort of your outdoor space.

This assumes you’re interested in the great benefits of owning a hot tub without the hassle of higher running costs and hot tub setups. Conventional hard-sided hot tubs do last longer and can often hold more people.

Why Buy a Square Inflatable Hot Tub

There are several reasons why you would want to buy a Square inflatable hot tub. But probably the most important point is the upfront affordability and cheaper running costs compared to larger, hard-sided hot tubs which require electrical, more maintenance, and professional care.

Regular hard-sided hot tubs often have complex plumbing systems, more than 2 pumps, more complex electrical systems, and are designed not to be moved.

These complex hot tubs are often well over $10,000 and come in multiple configurations.

Inflatable hot tubs will cost between $500 – $2000 and are as simple as they come.

Inflatable hot tubs on the other hand are capable of being much more portable, can be easily maintained, inflated, and deflated quickly, and can be quickly troubleshot.

Coleman inflatable hot tubs are also considered to be the highest-quality spas on the market. They often come with a number of different important accessories including a repair kit, chemical dispensers, filters, and a fantastic manufacturer warranty.

If you live in a warmer climate with mild winters, this also makes inflatable hot tubs a more viable investment as they can potentially be used all year.

Having a larger inflatable hot tub also allows for a more comfortable, easy-to-maintain hot tub experience. These hot tubs are often great for a small hot tub party or gathering of friends and family.

hot tub privacy ideas

Inflatable Hot Tub Pros

The pros of inflatable hot tubs include cost, ease of use, easy troubleshooting, and quick installation.

These pros are often the reason why people buy.

Inflatable Hot Tub Cons

Some negative aspects of inflatable hot tubs include their lack of capacity, inability to be winter friendly all the time, and lack of customization.

Inflatable Hot Tub Questions

I will answer a couple of common questions people have about inflatable hot tubs here.

How long do square inflatable hot tubs last?

How long do inflatable hot tubs last depends on a couple of different factors including building the quality of the spa, proper maintenance, and how much the spa is being used. The average lifespan of an inflatable hot tub is between 2 to 3 years. If the spa is not taken care of, it may only last a single season. However, this can also depend on the brand. Coleman for example is a higher quality manufacturer so their inflatable hot tubs last longer than others.

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs a Good Choice?

If you are wondering if inflatable hot tubs are a good choice, then the answer would be yes. However, understanding that inflatable hot tubs are meant for milder climates, do not hold as many people, and do not last as long as hard-sided conventional hot tubs but are often purchased at a much more affordable price and are much more portable.

Is maintaining an Inflatable Hot Tub Difficult?

If you are wondering if maintaining an inflatable hot tub is difficult then the answer is no. However, ensuring that your water chemistry is always taken care of using chlorine dispensers and proper testing kits for water PH and chlorine levels is always the smart thing to do.

Also, check out our article about cleaning your inflatable hot tub in the most effective way!

Can Inflatable Hot Tubs be Used in Winter?

If you are wondering if inflatable hot tubs can be used in winter, then the answer would depend on the manufacturer and whether your climate is mild or not. For example, if you live in Canada and get below-freezing temperatures on a regular basis, then the answer would be no. However, if you live on the pacific coast where the weather is milder then the answer is likely yes but be mindful of what the manufacturer tells you.

How to Drain an Inflatable Hot Tub?

If you are wondering how to drain an inflatable hot tub, then the answer is it may vary depending on the manufacturer and how big your hot tub is. For example, if you are using a 6 person inflatable hot tub, draining the hot tub with a sump pump may be the easier solution. Other spas may require a simple drain valve at the bottom of the tub with a hose connection. Read the instruction for your hot tub carefully provided by the manufacturer.

Also, check out our article about how to drain hot tubs for more information.

What Accessories do I need for my Inflatable Hot Tub?

Inflatable hot tub accessories may include filters, steps, chemicals, parts for the motor pump, draining accessories, and more. Remember to read the instructions given by the manufacturer carefully to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your hot tub.

Best Square Inflatable Hot Tubs: Conclusion

square inflatable hot tubs

Square Inflatable hot tubs are a great option for those who do not want to fully invest in a conventional hard-sided hot tub which requires more setup, electrical, maintenance, and running cost.

They’re also great for those who want to spend quality time with friends and family.

I hope the hot tubs mentioned above will give you a better idea about what is available on the market and what it takes to purchase and maintain an inflatable hot tub.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the installation costs of regular hot tubs, check out our article!

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