Hot Tub Jets Not Working? 10 Easy Things to Look for

By James Brockbank •  Updated: 01/30/21 •  9 min read

Why are my hot tub jets not working?

Hot tub jets that are not working can be caused by air leaks, clogged drain covers, low water levels, dirty filters, bad pumps, improper jet adjustment, closed valves, electrical problems, clogged pump impeller, and issues with the hot tub controls. These issues should be troubleshot carefully.

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Read on to know more about how you can fix the issue if the jets are not functioning properly or the pressure of the water is not okay.

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Hot Tub Jets not Working? 10 Things to Look for

Jet issues can happen if there is any airlock present in the system. Also, it can happen due to the excess buildup of calcium in the pipes or the pump. This can result in improper operations clogging the jets. It can also damage the jets to a great extent.

The jets not operating in the right way is a very common problem when it comes to hot tubs. The main issue is regarding three areas. These are:

There can be 10 reasons why the jets of the hot tub aren’t working and these are:

  1. Air leak
  2. Clogged covers of the drain
  3. Low level of water
  4. Dirty filters of the spa
  5. The pump is not working
  6. Jets are not properly adjusted
  7. Valves are closed
  8. Hot tub electrical problems
  9. The pump impeller is clogged
  10. Issues with the control or software

1. Air leak

If the main reason the jets are not performing well is an air leak, then it is usually because the pump union is loose. Also, it can be because the O-ring is out of its original position.

It can also be the pipe connection or the valve of the pump that has the issue. When there is a crack or the connection is loose, the pump will tend to suck the air. When the pump is switched on, there is a point that can leak air and it will also leak the water.

2. Clogged Covers of the Drain

Another reason why the hot tub jets might not be working is the clogged covers for the pump suction. The covers of the pump suction located in the hot tub can get clogged.

In case some cup, napkin, t-shirt, or plastic wrap come anywhere near that area, the flow of the water will be blocked. This can result in jets not functioning properly. Hence, you have to check the drain covers properly to check if there is anything that is blocking the flow of the water.

3. Low Level of Water

When the skimmer of the spa tub sucks or draws in air, it can have a tremendous impact on the flow of water. This can even turn off the heater that is heating the water.

Make sure to check the level of the water in the hot tub. Is it okay? If not, then you may need to add some more water to it. Often the water gets evaporated and it can lower the level of the water.

Make sure to keep the tub covered tightly to reduce evaporation.

4. Dirty Filters of the Spa

If the filter of the spa is quite dirty, then it can slow down the flow of water significantly. But it will not shut off the flow completely. When the flow of the water is low, the heater will not work. So, you can check the heater if it is working or not. If it is working, then the filters are quite clean.

Also, the dirty filter will let a small amount of debris flow through. Hence, you have to replace these filters once a year (12 months) or in 18 months. This will offer the best result.

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5. Pump is Not Working

The pump may not work if you have just drained the whole hot tub. The systems need to push out the air from the pipes of the pump. This can be done by loosening the nuts or loosening the drain plug. This will allow the trapped air to escape.

Some hot tubs come with two pumps. One is for jet boosting and another one is for circulating and filtration. Many hot tubs come with a single pump with two speeds. They can perform both functions. So, the main question is – are the pumps working?

If the jets of the hot tub are not performing in the way that they should, then first check if the pump is turned on in the right way or not. Sometimes the controlling button or the hose can fail to work. If so, you have to replace it.

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6. Jets are Not Properly Adjusted

The jets of the hot tub can be adjusted by the nozzle or by simply rotating the outer ring. Some of them can be turned off so that the flow of the other jets increases.

It is quite easy to manipulate the adjustment of the jets of the hot tub when the pump is switched off. But that is not essential. You can try to turn the nozzle of the jet to the right or left. You can even turn the outer ring of the jet.

7. Valves are closed

Most of the hot tubs or spas have two valves on both sides of the pump. You can close the valve for some servicing without the need of draining out the entire hot tub. Sometimes even these valves can vibrate when they are closed. You have to ensure if the valves present in the cabinet are open or not.

Sometimes different types of valves are equipped for operating the jets of the spa tub. The hot tub user can use a large dial or knob for closing or opening the jets when they are seated in the spa. You may have to make some adjustments when it comes to ensuring the proper flow of water.

Air valves can increase the volume of the water. The surface knobs can be used for opening or closing the air intake. You can check whether or not the volume of water increases if you open them. Don’t forget to close the airlines after using it.

8. Hot Tub Electrical Problems

One of the reasons why the jets aren’t working can be the electrical timer issues. Generally, the electrical timer can only control the pumps at low speed.

When it is on, the pressure switch will make sure the hater is running too if the thermostat indicates so. You must have a switch for the thermostat as well as for the timer. When you will switch on the thermostat control, the pump will kick on. In case the pump doesn’t, then there can be an issue with the pump and not the timer.

9. Pump Impeller is Clogged

The hot tub tends to remain clean when it comes with a good cover on the hot tub. But when you keep the tub uncovered, debris and dust can fall on the tub. This debris can clog the impeller of the pump. The impeller is actually a closed vane. If you are using a portable hot tub, then there may not be a strainer basket on the pump for catching this dust and debris.

In order to check if the pump impeller is fine, first, you must shut the power off. Now, close both the valves and remove the union. Now, you can turn the pump and look inside to check the impeller of the pump. In case the impeller is clogged, you can see the debris settles in the center of the pump impeller.

You will have to clean it properly. First of all, remove the bolts and screws and then hold the pump impeller cover in its place. Once you clean the impeller, you have placed the cover of the impeller back and also tighten the unions. Make sure to open both the valves too.

10. Issues with the control or software

The control panel of the hot tub is a lot like the timer. It keeps the temperature of the hot tub at a particular range. It can turn the hot tub off if you forget to do that. Also, this control panel can troubleshoot some of the issues. Hence, it is important to ensure that the control panel is working efficiently.

In case the control system is dead or frozen, then you have to check what the problem is with the control panel. It can be an issue with the panel or even with the circuit board. Check whether or not there is moisture or water in the controlled display. You have to check whether the buttons are cracked or if it is wet. Examine the circuit board properly and if it is not working, then replace it as soon as possible.

Hot Tub Jets Not Working: Conclusion

hot tub jets not working

These are some of the main reasons why the hot tub jets not working in your spa. If the jets are not functioning, then the hot tub is quite useless to you. Also, it can be frustrating!

This can reduce the pressure of the water drastically. If you are facing any of these issues, then you can fix it on your own or you can even call a professional hot tub expert to get it done for you.

The most common issue why your jets are not operating is the electrical issues. It can be a problem with the circuit board. Hire the best professional to fix it.

I hope you found this article on hot tub jets not working helpful.

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