Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside? (No, However…)

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Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

Hot tub chemicals cannot be stored outside because the outside conditions tend to be extreme and can affect the potency and effectiveness of these chemicals. There are a number of factors that can affect the effectiveness of the hot tub chemicals, including the temperatures, direct sunshine, and exposure to direct precipitation.

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I understand the temptation to store these chemicals outside, especially when your hot tub is not indoors. From an expert’s point of view, you might need to know the answer to the question many people ask, “Can hot tub chemicals be stored outside?”

Well, your hot tub water will not be safe if you don’t store the chemicals in the right manner. Proper storage is among the critical determinants of whether or not you will attain the desired safety and cleanliness in your hot tub.

Experts insist that chemical storage is not just about temperatures, as you might already be aware. For this reason, I have prepared this article from comprehensive research to inform you if you can store your hot tub chemicals outside.

Let’s get started!

How Do You Store Spa Chemicals?

Organizing your chemicals in safe storage inside your home, garage or a sealed storage container is the best practice you should consider when storing your spa chemicals. Good organization eases the ability to track each of the chemicals and prevent them from damaging.

When you organize your chemicals during storage, you will prevent the mix-up among different chemicals. You should adopt the practice of storing similar chemicals together in one rack or shelf in a safe location.

Heavy rains outside can cause moisture penetration into the storage containers, especially when they are not closed tightly. Similarly, storing your hot tub chemicals outside carries the risk of exposure to direct sunlight which might initiate chemical reactions in some of your hot tub chemicals. For these reasons, I strongly recommend against storing your hot tub chemicals outside!

It’s also impractical to leave open lids on your spa chemicals and expect they will be safe and free from damage. When storing your chemicals, always remember to double-check that their lids are tightly closed.

Failure to close the lids of your chemical containers properly can make them spill if they fall by mistake. Some chemicals can also release harmful gases if their lids are not closed properly.

Improper storage of your chemical lids will also create room for moisture penetration into the container and reduce the potency of the chemicals.

Therefore, always make sure that the lids to your spa chemicals are tight before leaving their storage location.

An important expert recommendation when storing chemicals is to retain the original instructions and containers. These items show the expiry dates, storage instructions, and first-aid measures you can take if there is an emergency.

You might be tempted to think of changing your spa chemicals into more decorative containers to match the color of the storage room. Only do this if the container is water-tight and is protected from the sun.

Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored In The Cold?

You can store hot tub chemicals in a cool place. However, if the chemical is liquid then storing it in the container in a safe location at room temperature is ideal. If the chemical is powder-based, then storing it in colder temperatures is fine.

The idea is to store the chemicals in a moderately cool place because extreme coldness could be damaging to some hot tub chemicals.

You might be forced to keep the chemicals in an appliance that will raise the chemical temperatures to the recommended range of 55–70-degree Fahrenheit, especially if you live in places that experience freezing temperatures during the winter.

Most of the hot tub chemicals in liquid form might solidify when allowed to remain in extremely low temperatures. For these reasons, experts recommend you store your hot tub chemicals at room temperatures at all times.

I recommend the Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer to keep a close eye on humidity and temperature for your hot tub.

Avoid Heat and Moisture

Heat and moisture are not good for your hot tub chemicals. Most of your spa chemicals are very sensitive to elements like heat and moisture. You don’t want to lose the potency of your spa chemicals. To ensure that your chemicals do not react to heat and moisture, it is always good to check the room temperatures and humidity.

Sometimes, it is impossible to maintain your room temperatures if you live in areas where summer heat gets extremely high. Therefore, I would advise you to keep them in a cooling appliance like a cooler or fridge and keep the temperatures at the right level.

I also recommend keeping your chemicals in a dry place and ensure that their storage containers are always water-tight. The best practice is to always keep the spa chemicals safe from humid temperatures in winter and extreme heat in summer.

Keep Hot Tub Chemicals Away From Children

Playing with the hot tub chemicals can also harm your children directly because these chemicals can enter their eyes and cause significant damage to their eyesight. Other chemicals can cause irritation and burning sensation on the skin of your youngster. Therefore, you don’t want the spa chemicals to ever be within the reach of children. The best practice to keep hot tub chemicals away from children is by placing them on counters which are beyond the reach of children. You can also lock these chemicals in safe places and keep the keys in places that children cannot access.

Below are some recommended storage ideas including deck benches, Rubbermaid cabinets, closets, and garages.

Deck Bench

The deck box is a part of the deck constructed to provide for storage of your hot tub’s cleaning tools, filters, and cleaners. The deck bench has a flip-up lid and a lock where you store these tools after use. Placing your hot tub chemicals inside of a plastic container and then storing them inside a deck box will allow you to store the chemicals safely.

If you don’t have an appropriate space in your house, I would advise you to use the deck box. However, always make sure that every other component that is to be placed alongside your chemicals is dry.

One of the biggest limitations of choosing this alternative for storing your hot tub chemicals is that you’ll be forced to leave your spa chemicals outside. This is dangerous because temperatures are bound to change from very hot to freezing levels with seasons.

Outside temperatures are likely to expose your spa chemicals to unnecessary humidity. In this situation, make sure that the deck bench is properly sealed and is safe for storing chemicals.

While high temperatures can cause the expansion of your chemicals, freezing temperatures can reduce their potency. It’s, therefore, essential to consider this when choosing a deck bench to store your hot tub chemicals.

I recommend the Keter Westwood Deck Box.

Rubbermaid Storage Cabinet

A Rubbermaid cabinet is a perfect piece of equipment you can use to store your hot tub chemicals in an organized way. The Rubbermaid cabinet is highly convenient because you can keep it in the shed storage or the garage.

Rubbermaid is also suitable for wall mounting. Wall mounting is critical because it will guarantee to keep your spa chemicals at a location that children cannot access. It will also ensure that hot tub chemicals do not come in contact with any water that might be poured on the floor when cleaning the storage area.

The best thing about this storage facility is that you can store it indoors to allow for a climate-controlled environment.

The cabinet is made of plastic, which means it cannot corrode from the effects of chlorine or bromine that might come into contact with its surfaces. Therefore, this is one of the storage methods you might want to consider for your hot tub chemicals.

I recommend this Rubbermaid storage cabinet to protect your hot tub chemicals.

A Locked Utility Closet

A utility closet is a cabinet, a closet, or a storage space where you keep your cleaning items. These spaces come in variable shapes and sizes. I store the cleaning supplies in these locations in a dry state to prevent mold build-up.

The fact that these cabinets come with locks makes them safe from exposing children to the stored chemicals.

Another interesting finding on these closets is that they offer climate control to your stored chemicals.

If you’re going to settle by this option, I advise you to place the cabinet near the door for easy access to chemicals when going to sanitize your hot tub.

Locked Garage Cabinets

The locked garage cabinets can also work well in the storage of your hot tub chemicals. These cabinets are intended to reduce clutter in the floor area of your garage.

You might adopt the locked cabinet garage for storing fertilizers if you have some plants in your backyard, keeping solvents and paints, storing the containers of automobile fluids, and so on.

With proper organization, you can create space for your spa chemicals in these storage spaces.

These spaces will provide a safe haven to your chemicals from extreme weather outside and a location that is far from the reach of children.

I recommend the Manhattan Comfort Fortress Rolling Cabinet.

Spa Chemical Storage Tips

I have additional tips for you to ensure your chemicals are stored safely for the next use in your hot tub.

First, it is always good to choose water-tight storage kits for all your spa chemicals. You can keep the chemicals outside if you have a shed and are sure that the prevailing temperatures are safe. You must also ascertain that your chemicals are water-tight before you decide to leave them in the open at the garage.

If you are planning to buy a hot tub, you know that it will require chemicals for regular cleaning. Since you’ll need to store the remaining chemicals, make sure that you have prepared a location for their storage well in advance. This will ensure that you don’t start rushing during the last minute and make mistakes.

It would be unwise to store the powder and the liquid chemical on the same shelf or corner because the two types of chemicals can mix up accidentally if the liquid forms spillover. I always recommend creating room for each of the chemical categories you’re planning to keep in the storage facility.

It’s very dangerous to keep the spa chemicals near edible items or drinks. Don’t be tempted to keep the spa chemicals on the lower shelf of your refrigerator just because the outside temperatures are unbearably hot. Designate places for food and places where chemicals are stored and never allow the two to mix up.

Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside: Conclusion

can hot tub chemicals be stored outside

After intensive research and interaction with experts, I have written this article to adequately answer the question, “Can hot tub chemicals be stored outside?”

After reading the article, you have understood that it is not safe to store your hot tub chemicals outside. You have seen that storing the chemicals outside can reduce their potency from the freezing temperatures in winter or expansion during the summer.

I have also observed that it is unsafe to store the hot tub chemicals outside because of the possible humidity that might arise from exposure to direct precipitation or winter effects.

The article has also informed you about the favorable conditions under which your chemical will stay safe for long. I have discussed the correct temperatures, moisture, and the need to keep the chemicals away from heat.

You have also understood that you cannot allow your children to get into contact with the hot tub chemicals because they can ingest or spill them over.

Finally, you now understand different alternatives for the safe storage of your hot tub chemicals with additional tips to ensure you do not make mistakes.

I hope you found this article about how to store hot tub chemicals helpful.

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